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Every day we have a special going in addition to seasonal specials for holidays and special events like 4/20. Daily weed deals sometimes change due to availability. Check our store to make sure the item is in stock. You can also take advantage of pre-ordering so you know it is ready when you come in.

If you have any questions about what the deal of the day is, then please ask your budtender. We also post signs in the shop to keep everyone informed.

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We know there are many choices to shop for weed deals on the “Green Mile” that runs from Lynnwood through Everett. Additionally, we know many shops have low prices. Where we stand out, and our mission, providing the best organic pot at the best prices. We screen our producers carefully because we want to make sure they value certain qualities. To that end, we make sure that they use the best organic growing standards possible. For us, of course we like to see strong numbers on THC percentages, but we care equally about the terpenes, what pesticides were used and when, whether it is grown hydro, aero, or soil and how it was cured.

In short, we care about every aspect of our product because we care deeply about our customer’s health and well being. Truly, we want them to feel secure about the products they purchase at White Rabbit.

White Rabbit offers great weed deals to save every day of the week; so, check out the days and see what we have this week. Also, remember every Saturday we add products to the bargain bin. There, sometimes find stunning deals up to 50% off! Remember, some rules and restrictions may apply. We cannot discount below cost. Moreover, every deal is subject to availability. Also, keep in mind that deals cannot be combined with other offers or discounts.

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