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Hempfest is a yearly cannabis festival celebrating everything marijuana related. Live bands, vendeors, and more make this the biggest party of the year for weed enthusiasts in Washington.

Hempfest 2018

Hempfest 2018 has arrived and we have reason to celebrate! Time to enjoy legal cannabis, some sunshine, music, and foster some peaceful loving feelings. The universe needs it. So, if you need to stock up for the weekend…

Lil’ Blazers

Lil Blazers from Leafwerx pack seriously good bud into prerolls that burn evenly and taste great. Leafwerx just impresses us every time.

3pk Discounted from $11.50 to $9.00


Wam Oil has been around forever for good reason. The quality remains solid.

.5g carts discounted to $29.00

Cannabis Quenchers

Drink a Cannabis Quencher to enjoy a tasty beverage with a delicious feeling aftertaste…

Discounted to $18.00


Flavored 1g Carts Discounted to $32.00


Look! There is a White Rabbit on that Grinder… That tool might come in handy when the prerolls run out. Hold on. Does anyone even remember how to actually hand roll a joint? Seems like a lost art but a grinder still comes in handy.

Cannabis Quenchers bring flavorful powerful punch to pop. Enjoy responsibly!

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