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Durban Poison | Hang Roots | Review

Durban Poison is a legendary South African landrace sativa. One of the great all time strains whose genetics show up in so many great sativa hybrids.

Hang Roots Durban Poison

Durban Poison Review

Landrace Sativa Satisfies

Durban Poison is one of those strains, like OG Kush, that many growers produce, so it kind of serves as a measuring stick for the quality of the producer. Durban Poison, as a landrace strain, also demonstrates the best aspects of great sativa. So, sativa lovers rejoice; the durban poison from Hang Roots rocks all the best qualities of a rose sweet, yet savory with piney notes sativa. Just the smell alone makes you feel energized and alert, like the moment you enter a great old growth pinewood forest carpeted with ferns. A bit of peat earthiness balances everything so the flavor is smooth. Not too harsh from the pine, nor too sweet from the rose.
And the effect? Well, if you see a wood nymph flitting through the split rays of the sun as the last trace of morning fog rolls away from the light, then don’t be surprised. Just go with it. Pull out your pan flute and dance along.
Sativas like this should be enjoyed to the fullest. Especially when they come from local producers focusing on organic grows.

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