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Green Wednesday and Black Friday Specials

Green Wednesday is the recreational cannabis answer to the phenomenon referred to as “Black Friday”. In this case, Green Wednesday means sales prior to Thanksgiving. Which is a great twist, because at White Rabbit ¬†all know how good cannabis goes with big holiday meals…

Even better, although we are closed for Thanksgiving Day, we continue the sale on BLACK FRIDAY TOO!

The Deals for Green Wednesday and Black Friday

Even with the challenges of the pandemic, and limits on social gatherings, we wish everyone the best. Of course, we have some specials rocking for the holiday too! So if you can’t spend time with all the people you know and love, you can still get on social platforms for video chats and virtual puff sessions.

Sales on great flower like the always affordable excellent quality of Fainting Goat, the solid and potent concentrates from Uncle Riggy’s, and check out the deals on Mortimer’s sodas to name a few.

What’s on special for Green Wednesday and Black Friday

There is a lot going on for Green Wednesday and Black Friday. Here is a list of items on sale that you can look forward to starting on Wednesday 11/25 through 11/27.

  • Uncle Riggys concentrates $18 (reg. $21)
  • Black Diamond eighths $14.50 (reg. $17.50) and ounces for $99 (reg. $110)
  • Fainting Goat flower eighths $19.50 (reg. $22) quarters for $37.50 (reg. $42) Halves 73.50 (reg. $82) and ounces for $147.50 (reg. $164)
  • Fainting Goat .5gm prerolls $3.00 / 5pk for $14.50 (reg. $16.50) / 10pk $24.50 (reg. $27.50) and 20pk for $46.50 (reg. $52)
  • Also, check out Fainting Goat Full Gram Prerolls $4.50 / 5pk $19.50 (reg. $22) / 10pk $36 (reg. $40) / 20pk $70 (reg. $78)
  • Starseed full gram cartridges $28 (reg. $$32)
  • Canna Organix infused one gram preroll $9 (reg. $12.50)
  • Medusa 1gm preroll 2pk $8 (reg.9.50)
  • Mortimer’s Soda 30mg $9 (reg. $12) 75mg $12 (reg. $17)
  • Legit flavored .6gm prerolls $9 (reg. $10)
  • Legit Live Resin preroll $9.50 (reg. $11)

* Discounts cannot be combined with other discounts cumulatively

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