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Here are the specials this week for White Rabbit. We have some tasty discounts this week!

15% Off Weekly Great Cannabis Deals

Monday 11th  –  Bubbler’s and Hammers will be discounted 15%

~”Bubbles bubbles, millions and billions of bubbles!”~
Many of us know that water adds a calming presence in smoking the green. So check these Bongs, water pipe, joint bubblers, hammers and more! The sizes and possibilities are endless!
Well today we put some of those wonderfully smooth hitting bubblers and hammers on special! Not only does the added water make hits incredibly smooth, but the smaller compact size works wonders for most lung capacities.
Also, they travel easily. All one really needs, a small bottle of water, a lighter, some cannabis, party time and ready anywhere you want to go. I’ll see ya in line!

Tuesday 12th  – Ray’s Lemonade will be discounted 15%

 I love the different flavors that Ray’s Lemonade’s come in now! I thought Raspberry couldn’t be beat, but now I have to try their Dragon Fruit Lemonade and their Mango Lemonade!
Did you know that Mango contains the terpene Myrcene, and Myrcene helps with digestion, and reduces inflammation? It also helps intensify a high and can often keep the experience going longer. So, I highly suggest trying one of their Mango Lemonades.
Not only tasty but also super relaxing and chill for an evening. I’m intrigued by their Dragon Fruit Lemonade because I haven’t had that flavor of lemonade before. (And its my hubs favorite. )
Between those flavors and their regular Strawberry and Original Lemonade, its hard not to pick up one of each! With how tasty, and effective, I normally wait but 30 mins before I feel the ‘chill’ come in strong! Too much and expect a great night’s sleep, but just the right amount can give you the best night of your life!

Wednesday 13th  –  THCExpress will be discounted 15%

THC Express shines as one of my personal favorites when it comes to sativa edibles. Not only do they use organic cannabutter but they use Ghiradelli chocolate to cover their baked goods as well as their hand made chocolates.
Now here’s the thing, it normally takes me quite a large amount of THC to really feel anything with edibles. I bought the THCExpress coconut peanut butter balls because I wanted peanut butter and chocolate. (Didn’t know about the coconut but its super beneficial to have, let me tell you why in a sec…)
However, I never thought it was going to get me high.
Next day marks my weekend, I stay in my pj’s, go to the T.V  to veg and wake up, and pop one of these yummy chocolates into my mouth (A little big, I should have bitten them instead but hey… you only live once.) Okay lets face it, I ate both of them at the same moment, mostly because I was hungry. Also. because I figured I’d need the second piece from the start.
Not a mistake mind you, but with the organic canna-butter mixed with the fatty oils of the coconut, I had a super strong head high that lasted more than half of my day. Turns out coconut has fatty acids that actually help the absorption of thc!
I didn’t even touch my other joints or dab because I didn’t feel the need. I highly suggest these confections for any Sativa lovers.

Thursday 14th  –  Saints pre-rolls will be discounted 15%

Well it doesn’t get much better than this! Today we put on special those coveted Saints pre-roll packs for our weekly joint deal! Two really groovy indica strains; 24K Gold and Chaos Kush, and a heavy hitting sativa, Headbanger. They come in the most fun mixed strain boxes, and give you different strains to chose from in the single box.
The neat little markers let you know what strain is which! These perfect little joints travel well for festivals and for on the go moments. The boxes they come in are not only sturdy and easy to store, but also collect-able as well. Gotta
Collect Them All!
saints prerolls five pack

Friday 15th  –  Cannabis Discount For Large Quantities

Lets keep the Fainting for the Goats people, they are the professionals. But we do have chairs should you need them when you get to White Rabbit Cannabis. You might faint to realize that these already low prices bags of green cost even less today!
Best part of a great deal? Feeling satisfied long after you get home, we hope to accomplish this with you every chance we get! Fridays we discount for large quantities, everything 1/4 oz and higher. For Friday, Fainting Goat is the flower to look for!
They look better than ever with big fluffy crystal coated buds sticky to the touch. I wouldn’t miss this chance to pick up at least one of these bags of buds!

Vendor Day :  Noble Farms Vendor Special Today 

Today ladies and gentleman’s we have for you a company best known for their amazing cut and grow of Cherry Pie. Today, we have upon the table Noble Farms!!! We’re super excited for this well known vendor in our humble establishment.

I tried their Sour Pineapple. Found it a super easy going sativa hybrid reminiscent of Pineapple Express. Amazing!

So, their flower looks super dense and covered in sparkly crystals. Come in today, hear more about them from their representative during our weekly Vendor Day Deal from 4pm – 7pm.

This family owned and operated recreational cannabis producer educates you about how their small batch boutique with an emphasis on connoisseur grade flower!

Saturday 16th –  NW Wonderland is our featured farm Cannabis Bargain Today

This budtender firmly believes in self care. Today we feature a vendor that wholeheartedly agrees. Please come check out Northwest Wonderland’s Bubble Bath, Bath Bombs, and Bath Melts! Wash your troubles down the drain any day of the week with this vendors products.
Okay, so my experience with my first THC Bath Bomb was pretty funny. I really wasn’t expecting to get much effect from it because its just soaking in water with some THC right?
Well I mean “yes” that’s what it is, but I never expected it to really be soaked up by my body the way it did. I sat in that tub for at least 30 mins, watching some anime before going out to run some errands. Oh boy, was I glad I wasn’t the one driving because I was giggling and laughing like a dork the whole time.

Time To Chillax!

I had a blast food shopping and getting way more than we needed but really happy about everything I got. My mind relaxed and mellow, body loosey goosey and I honestly can’t wait to do one again!
I hear the bubble bath is super relaxing and makes your skin sparkle! I recently sold a bunch of stuff to a wonderful husband making a birthday basket for his equally wonderful wife. She reported back saying that shes never felt more relaxed. The Shower Melt will soothe your spirits during a relaxing shower, filling the bathroom with aromatic scents to sooth and melt all your troubles away.
They also have a special Mermaid Bath Fizz that smells of Mango Peach Pools, a 1:1 ratio for max relaxation! Definitely come in today and give a peek to our Relaxation Station. Look forward to a most relaxing day or night ahead!
~ Specific Announcements / Reminders that need to go out throughout the week ~ 
Cannabis Flower Strain of the week:   15% off Banano Treat 

We’re about to bring on good time this week with a strain I bet you’ve never tried before! This weeks Strain of the Week; Banano Treat, by, you guessed it, Banano Buds! This Indica Dominant is a 80/20 cross made up of Bannano Buds special Banano Berry and a wonderful cut of Dutch Treat! Don’t miss out on this weeks special!

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