Keep calm and follow the White Rabbit.    Lewis Carroll

A Friend With Weed Is A Friend Indeed

The friendly neighborhood store that loves being a good neighbor…

We are here because we have profound love for weed. The way it smells makes us happy. Watching bud grow brings peace and serenity. For recreation, and for medicinal purposes, the benefits never cease to amaze us. Indeed, weed delivers the miracle of joy, the magic of health, the benefit to the environment, and the access to happiness that human kind needs. White Rabbit Cannabis celebrates the best of the best that Washington State cannabis industry has to offer. Let’s share our knowledge, look out for our neighbors, and always encourage the responsible use even on those days when being just a bit irresponsible is ok.

White Rabbit Logo

White Rabbit Cannabis sign
Bruce in the 70s cleaning weedColombian Gold the classic sativa landrace strainProprietors of White Rabbit Cannabis purveyors of fine cannabisBudtenders at White Rabbit Cannabis - purveyors of fine cannabisBuying Paraphernalia for White Rabbit Cannabis - purveyors of fine cannabisHalloween Group Photo at White Rabbit Cannabis purveyors of fine cannabisWhite Rabbit Cannabis logo pipe and weed grinderGrinderJoy sent with love from White Rabbit CannabisPremium Cannabis Vape Cartridge and BatteryPipesWater pipes and glass pipes at White Rabbit CannabisPres Obama