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Fruit of the Root | cannabis infused drinks 12% OFF! for Superbowl

Fruit of the Root specializes in soil grown cannabis grown with a combination of artificial and natural light.

Fruit of the Root

From The Soil & Magic Time Farms Special

Save 20% All February!

With a supreme emphasis on environmentally sustainable organic cultivation, grown with living soils, the twin operations From The Soil and Magic Time Farms truly impress. Their carefully chosen strains exemplify some of the best of Washington cannabis. That is what makes the month of February so special, because we feature these incredible producers at 20% off!

While supplies last, drop in and see the love and care that goes into their cannabis strains.

Fruit of the Root Concentrates Special

Superbowl Sunday we also feature the Caterpillar’s Choice for concentrate of the day from Fruit of the Root.

The Magic Of Fruit of the Root

Magic Time Farms and Fruit of the Root are two separate but related companies, as a pair of brothers owns each. The magic is really in the fruit of the root. By creating a  “living soil” the growers create a healthy micro-environment that promotes natural plant health.

No need for pesticides!

Superbowl Drinks Sale

all infused beverages 12% off!

Drop by on Superbowl Sunday before the game and grab some tasty beverages to swill down while you watch the game. Yes, both teams got in on shaky calls but that in no reason not to enjoy a day of yummy munchies and frosty delicious cannabis infused beverages. Forget the politics, leave the drama behind, enjoy the commercials (which go better with a side cannabis).
While supplies last…
  • Wild Side
  • High Drate
  • Ray’s Lemondades
  • Zoots drops (to add to your favorite beverage)

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