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Edmonds Food Bank Food Drive

Edmonds Food Bank is a local charity organization doing great work on behalf of those in need. White Rabbit now offers a discount every day for participating in our food drive. Please help us help the community.

Edmonds Food Bank Donation Drive

Give and Save $$$

The entire month of June we run an annual food drive to benefit them. These great folks work hard to take care of those in need, and we love to assist in that effort. So, bring in a food item for our drive bins and get 5% off your total order.

Edmonds Food Bank Info

From their website:

“Our mission is: To provide, free of charge, fresh and nutritious food to families needing help who are located in Edmonds and in the surrounding communities of South Snohomish County; support other food ministries – meal, school meal, homeless, shelter — in our local communities; work with courtesy and respect, and serve all without discrimination; To act as a point of useful and reliable information on other social, health and educational services available in the community and the county.

If you’d like more information about becoming a Food Bank recipient or volunteering, contact us at 425-778-5833.”

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