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Food Drive Discount | 420 Earth Day

Happy 420 and Earth Day, help us celebrate by contributing to our Food Drive! Hope everyone is staying safe and covid free, and able to enjoy the beautiful weather. We might be practicing social distancing but let’s not let that distancing make us too distant from what is important in life. We want to help those in need right now so that is why we have a Food Drive discount going for Edmonds Food Bank.

Food Drive Discount 5% Off Your Order

If you bring in a box or can of food for our food drive, we will give you 5% off you entire order. While this discount cannot be applied to already discounted items, you can use it for everything else. So it helps us help you help someone else who needs help…

Share the love and remember what is important is taking care of each other and our community, our country, the world. It all has to start somewhere.

Earth Day

This year Earth Day is devoted to climate change. The world right now is seeing the difference how quickly change occurs when we rely less on fossil fuels. Hopefully this lesson is not lost on everyone when we no longer worry about covid 19 every day!

420 and Earth Day Discounts

  • 420 Minis -THC 10pk $19
  • Ceres – Select THC Edibles $19.50
  • Red Frog – Popcorn Half Ounce $85
  • LeafWERX – Select Refined Cartridge $29
  • Moxee Weed Co. – Eighths $17
  • Ray’s Lemonade – 100mg $19.50
  • Green420 – Grams $6 / Eighths $20 / Quarters $40 / Half $81 / Ounce $153
  • Starseed -1g Cartridge $25 / 1g Preroll $3.50 / 7pk 1g Preroll $12 / 28pk 1g Preroll $44

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