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Types of marijuana

All marijuana originates from three distinct species, Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica, and Cannabis Ruderalis. Where recreational use is concerned Sativa and Indica are most common. Ruderalis is used for its high CBD levels and for producing auto flower hybrids. Note, almost all marijuana used today for medical and or recreational purposes derives from hybrid forms of these species. Moreover, through hybridization, marijuana has become the plant we all know and love.

Cannabis Sativa is believed to come from European hemp and in its original form had very little psychoactive effects. Cannabis Indica comes from India and has very strong psychoactive effects. No surprise this is where hashish, the original concentrate, was born. Ruderalis grows in cold places where summers are short, so it blossoms early. Also, this plant was used medicinally for several millennia.

Landrace and Hybrids

Landrace strains are the unique parent strains which provided the genetic source material for hybrid strains. Marijuana has been cultivated all over the world for thousands of years. However, specific traits that are unique to landrace strains crossed in hybrids may manifest differently.

What is the difference between inhaling cannabis and ingesting it?2018-01-09T22:26:40+00:00

Inhaling ganja produces almost immediate effects, and the feeling generally lasts one and a half to 3 hours. While smoking ganja lasts a few hours, ingesting it can take an hour or more for the effects to set in. Therefore, taking a slower approach and being patient works best for ingesting it. The high from edibles is “deeper” and lasts longer than inhalation.

Combining smoking and eating marijuana

Some people will eat a small serving and inhale a very small amount to pass the time while waiting for the edible to take effect. New products such as oral sprays and sublingual tinctures take effect within a half hour for most people. The effects come on quickly due to the easy transmission. Therefore, when combining smoking and eating ganja realize the effects will be cumulative so saddle up and prepare for the ride.

Remember, everyone possesses different tolerances. One person may ingest 50mg of THC without any problem, but another will think they can fly and start jumping around flapping his arms and squawking like chicken. If you are a frequent smoker, then you may not even notice an edible. However, since everyone reacts differently, we always encourage moderation. Learn what works without going overboard.

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How do I determine how much cannabis-infused edible to consume?2018-01-09T22:02:46+00:00

When it comes to cannabis infused edibles, always start slow. If you are new to edibles, then don’t expect the experience to feel like other forms of consumption. Oftentimes, people ingest a small dosage edible, then think it is not working and consume more. However, due to the metabolism and weight and tolerance level, the psychoactive properties may vary in a number of ways. Some people feel effects right away while others take several hours to feel anything.

Washington State Limits

In Washington State, the state sets a limit of 10mg per dose maximum. That means a single marijuana chocolate or a pot brownie must not contain more than 10mg per serving size. Some canna beverages contain 25mg to even 80mg, but they include measurement guides to reference.

Everyone is different and within a few times you will learn your own tolerance level. It is also good to start slow when trying a new type of cannabis infused edibles even if you are experienced. Typically, cannabis infused edibles contain pure distillations of THC, so without the full spectrum of terpenes found in the plant, the experience feels different.

Marijuana edibles offer the advantage of not effecting the lungs but proceed with caution.

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Can you die from an overdose of cannabis?2018-01-09T21:28:36+00:00

An overdose from marijuana does not exist in peer reviewed medical research or any medical history of marijuana. Although, allergic reactions effect some people, and temporary psychological issues might require medical attention, these do not represent toxicity. Indeed, politically motivated attempts to falsely characterize the effects of marijuana exist, but the pseudo-science does bear out as fact. Simply put, the cannabis plant contains nothing toxic or poisonous to humans.

Debunking the myths

Some recent articles claiming “the first death due to marijuana” turned out to be false representations of the facts. For further understanding, please check out the following articles:

Washington Post Article

Miami Herald Article


What if I get too high from an edible or inhaling too much?2018-01-08T20:50:40+00:00

At White Rabbit, we cannot give medical advice about getting too high, but we hear anecdotally some say a cure includes ice cream, popcorn, Fresca, cold meatloaf, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and possibly Captain Crunch. What do we recommend personally for anyone feeling overwhelmed? From practical experience, we suggest you just relax. Take a deep breath. If you are feeling anxious, then drink some water, and breath deeply in through your nose and out through your mouth. Remember, it is only temporary and you will be just fine in a few hours at most. The feeling is just a feeling it will pass quickly.

Too high vs Being Allergic

However, if you are experiencing any type of rash, hives, or shortness of breath, then you might be having an allergic reaction. This does not mean you are too high, but it might mean you are allergic to weed. If you are experiencing allergy symptoms, then you might need benadryl or similar product to relieve the symptoms. If the problem persists then contact a medical professional immediately.

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Who can purchase marijuana?2018-01-10T03:34:20+00:00

So, you want to buy pot in Washington. Indeed, at White Rabbit Cannabis, we look forward to offering you great organic weed. However, staying legal remains the highest priority.

You must be 21 and over to purchase

To buy pot, everyone must have ID. Valid IDs include State or Federal identification. Keep in mind, the ID must contain picture, the birth date, and not expired. Consequently, if the ID comes from out of State or Country, then the same conditions apply.

Medical Authorizations

A medical marijuana prescription provides use of marijuana for certain ailments. Some ailments include chronic pain, seizures, and migraine headaches. As more research expands knowledge, the range of treatments expands. Oddly enough, go back a few years before prohibition. Marijuana treated the same issues.

What kind of doctor

An MD or ND can prescribe marijuana for a specific condition, and typically those last for a year then must be renewed. However, every doctor treats patients uniquely. For a legitimate ND in Lynnwood Washington, please check out Green Wellness.

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Are non-Washington residents able to purchase marijuana?2018-01-10T01:39:47+00:00

You may come as a tourist, or be in town on business, and you want to purchase marijuana. The questions gets asked all the time so don’t be shy asking it. Where is the weed? Can I buy weed? The good news definitely demands dancing a jig and screaming for joy, but keep a few things in mind. Anything you buy gets consumed in Washington. So, don’t even think about it. As the saying goes, you can’t take it with you when you go. You also need to follow all the usual rules set for everyone else that lives here.

Our advice

Do not consume and drive. Keep consumption on private property. If your hotel does not allow smoking on the premises then bet on it that includes smoking weed too.

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Can customers consume in a retail store?2018-01-10T02:29:48+00:00

No, you can definitely not smoke grass on the premises; seriously, what the heck are you thinking? On-premise consumption – not allowed. We run a business here. Sure, everyone thinks budtenders just get to sit around all day, smoke mad weed, talk about getting high, and listening to hip hop. Sure, everyone might think about smoking weed all day but our job means giving straight talk.

Why not?

Well, everyone wants weed bars just like bars which serve alcohol, the state of Washington has a long way to go. However, even if weed bars existed, then recreational marijuana stores will still be the last place to offer a chance to light up. You can’t walk into a liquor store and start drinking that bottle of Bourbon on site. Even if you paid for it, you still have to take it home to consume.

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Enemy of the State, Indica

Can I consume marijuana in public?2018-01-09T23:17:19+00:00

No. It is unlawful to open/consume a package of pot or marijuana infused product in public. What the heck were you thinking? Look, did the world just suddenly change polarity? Wait, are the four horsemen of the Apocalypse riding down from on high to smite the evil minions demonizing pot? Did the Justice Department issue a sweeping proclamation? Seriously, can every natural born citizen enjoy a patriotic duty to grow ganja for consumption or else face prison time? No, the fact remains, consuming pot in public still remains non-permissible.

Where can you consume weed?

You can use weed in the privacy of your home on private property. However, if you live in an apartment, then you better make sure that smoking of any sort is permitted under the lease terms.

Where should I not consume?

Don’t walk out of White Rabbit and pop open a package of pre-rolls and flick your Bic on a big fatty in the parking lot. Because we will sick a pack of psycho rabid white rabbits with whittled teeth sharp as steal daggers on you. In short, you just don’t want to even go there.

Also, please don’t sit on the steps of the Liquor Control Board with a dab rig blowing huge clouds. That is just a matter of common courtesy.

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What is the DUI provision?2018-01-10T01:10:41+00:00

If you want to consume weed, then you should know how to avoid catching a marijuana DUI. At White Rabbit, we want everyone to be safe and stay clear of getting in trouble. Please make sure you understand the legal limit. Better yet, just don’t consume and drive.

The DUI limit is “delta-9,” THC levels at greater than or equal to 5 nanograms per milliliter of blood (5 ng/mL). State and local law enforcement agencies are tasked with enforcing the DUI limit.

There are two main ways that law enforcement judges for marijuana DUI

Observed Impairment

Trained officers use field tests to observe driver behaviors and to judge the impairment of a driver.

Chemical Test Results

Washington accepts five nanograms of active THC as the limit. When a blood test shows levels above that limit, a driver often faces charges.


Please check out these additional links for more information on marijuana DUI . Also, we should point out that we are not lawyers and our opinions or advice should not be construed as legal advice. We just encourage everyone to get as much info as possible, act responsibly, and respect driving under the influence laws.

Five Questions Answered

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How much does marijuana affect driving?2018-01-09T23:42:27+00:00

We strongly urge everyone not to ingest ganja and drive. Take time to enjoy responsibly, because life is precious. Also, with the world moving in such a positive direction on cannabis, everyone must take responsibility for not giving reasons to rescind advances.

Smoking ganja impairs driving skills most severely during an acute phase, which typically lasts about 60 minutes after smoking. A post-acute phase (60-150 minutes after onset of smoking) comes next. Finally, a residual phase (more than 150 minutes after smoking) follows. During this phase, impairment subsides rapidly. The duration of the post-acute phase and the degree of impairment during the residual phase both increase strongly with the dose. After smoking “typical doses” of about 20 mg THC, the residual phase lasts 2-3 hours. Keep in mind, effects of oral cannabis occur later than those of smoking and typically peak 2-3 hours after ingestion.


Grotenhermen, Leson, Berghaus, Drummer, Krüger, Longo, Moskowitz, Perrine, Ramaekers, Smiley, and Tunbridge, Developing Science-Based Per Se Limits for Driving under the Influence of Cannabis (DUIC) (2005), available at http://www.canorml.org/healthfacts/DUICreport.2005.pdf.

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