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White Rabbit Cannabis

Types of marijuana

All marijuana originates from three distinct species, Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica, and Cannabis Ruderalis. Where recreational use is concerned Sativa and Indica are most common. Ruderalis is used for its high CBD levels and for producing auto flower hybrids. Note, almost all marijuana used today for medical and or recreational purposes derives from hybrid forms of these species. Moreover, through hybridization, marijuana has become the plant we all know and love.

Cannabis Sativa is believed to come from European hemp and in its original form had very little psychoactive effects. Cannabis Indica comes from India and has very strong psychoactive effects. No surprise this is where hashish, the original concentrate, was born. Ruderalis grows in cold places where summers are short, so it blossoms early. Also, this plant was used medicinally for several millennia.

Landrace and Hybrids

Landrace strains are the unique parent strains which provided the genetic source material for hybrid strains. Marijuana has been cultivated all over the world for thousands of years. However, specific traits that are unique to landrace strains crossed in hybrids may manifest differently.

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