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Fairwinds Tinctures, one drop at a time!

Fairwinds Tinctures Special

The folks at Fairwinds have done it again! They make the highest quality products and pretty much set the standard for the entire industry. The Fairwinds tinctures options are no exception either. Lots of different ratios, and even different tincture bases, like oil and alcohol based versions.

Fairwinds Companions

Fairwinds even makes a CBD tincture designed specifically for pets. The Companions line is great and people with older pets swear by it for things like joint pain.

Leafwerx Lil Blazers

Fairwinds Tinctures

Last Week For 25% OFF!

Leafwerx Lil Blazers, the taste of flower

Leafwerx Lil Blazers come in a variety of strains, sativa, indica, and hybrid, and most importantly, they are rolled with premium flower. So, these prerolls deliver flavor forward smooth burning enjoyment.

The month of October has featured an incredible discount on products from two outstanding canna producers, Leafwerx lil blazers and Fairwinds tinctures. If you haven’t taken advantage of these two sales yet then make sure to hop on in. Fairwinds tinctures set a really high standard of excellence. Their canna tinctures come in a variety of ratio balances of THC to CBD so finding one that suits the purpose is easy. Just ask a budtender for one that meets your needs.

Toy Drive, 10% off your entire order

Our toy drive will continue through November so remember to bring in a toy for a kid in need. When you bring in a toy, we will reward you with a 10% discount on your entire order!

This week’s specials In Addition To Fairwinds Tinctures

Strain of the Week: Frankenstein by Waterstone
Leafly says. “Frankenstein is an 80% indica strain whose parents are unknown. Its potency is a talking point among patients and veteran consumers alike, who cherish this indica’s ability to push past the ceiling of their tolerance.”
Sunday’s Concentrate: St Helens Dabs
Monday’s Paraphernalia: Batteries
Tuesday’s Drink: Highdrate and Pullman Punch
Wednesday’s Edible: Minis
Thursday’s Preroll: Western Cultured
Friday’s Large Quantity: Empire Large Quantities
Saturday’s Farm: Waterstone

High Drate Soda

High Drate sodas come in a variety of flavors and can be found in CBD and THc forward dosages. Use any edible with caution. Infused canna products that taste good still need to be consumed in moderation! 10/23 15% off!

Frankenstein Strain

The folks at Waterstone Cannabis have brought us a great strain in time for Halloween, the indica dominant monster called “Frankenstein”. This heavy indica maintains a rep for making folks feel like Abby Normal… (name that movie!) 15% off 10/21 to 10/27

Western Cultured Prerolls

Western Cultured is one of our top shelf vendors. So, we proudly offer their fantastic prerolls as well. 15% off on Thursday 10/25

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