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Fairwinds Capsules

Fairwinds capsules create one more great way to ingest THC and CBD but without smoke or vapor inhalation. The Fairwinds capsules line includes Deep Sleep, Deeper Sleep, and the Ratio and F.E.C.O capsules.

fairwinds capsules

Try The Fairwinds Capsules

The Fairwinds capsules are designed for every type of need. Check out the “Full Extract Cannabis Oil” F.E.C.O line to get the entire terpene benefit. Today, 5/29. all our Fairwinds capsules are 15% off!

More Specials To Check Out This Weekend

White Rabbit Cannabis has some great specials going on this weekend. Use online ordering to make sure your selection is reserved ahead of time and avoid lines. Help us keep social distancing manageable for all our beloved

Pagoda Cannabis

Farm of the Day


Pagoda Cannabis is premium indoor grown organic cannabis. Nicely trimmed buds and great selection of strains to check out. I am a fan of their classic strain DJ Short Blueberry.

Pura Vida Dabs


Pura Vida grows amazing weed so it is no surprise they put the same care into their dabs. Today, the Caterpillar marks all the Pura Vida dabs down 15%!


Fairwinds Cartridges


Try one of the Fairwinds cartridges today for 15% off.  They also have cbd carts too. Very high quality carts!

Mortimer’s Sodas and Olala Sodas


The Mortimer’s and Olala sodas come in classic soda flavors like root beer and cream soda. You will be amazed at how good the soda tastes! Now wait for it… the cannabis infusion hits the spot!

mortimers soda

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