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Egreen Oils Sleek Terpene Pens

Egreen Oils sleek terpene pen is a new battery for cartridge vaping.

Egreen Oils Sleek Terpene Pen

Egreen Oils Sleek terpene pens arrived as the new vape batteries in the house. The Egreen Oils “Sleek” terpene pen will be our replacement for the Vuber Pilot. These guys are pretty dope so here’s the breakdown about them.

So a cool little thing about these puppies is that the color of the battery indicates the level of charge that it has.

  • Green is 51%-100%
  • Yellow is 50%-2%
  • Red is 1%-2%

This is an awesome feature that most vape batteries don’t have. There is also a preheat setting like the pilot. Just two clicks turns it on. To turn the battery on or off it’s just five clicks in succession. Holding the button down will make the cartridge vape like most batteries.

The temperature control for this guy is a dial that starts at 2 volts and goes all the way up to 4. (no need for it to go to eleven in this case) This is really neat because you can gently turn the dial up till you find the temp right for you. So you can get some really smooth tokes.

Hopefully, this will be more user friendly for our guests. I know that the color coding with the pilot can be confusing for some people so I figured that we should give these a go. As with all product, packaging and receipt are necessary for an exchange should they have a defective unit.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Always charge in a computer
  • Start at a lower voltage
  • Customers can bring their battery with them shopping for carts, but not the used cartridge on it

And that’s all folks!

Email me if you have any questions.

-The Cat in the Hat

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