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Donkey Butter | Bacon’s Buds | strain of the week

Donkey Butter is an indica hybrid weed strain. It crosses Grease Monkey with Triple OG

Donkey Butter Strain of the Week

Bacon’s Buds does a fine job with donkey butter. Great example of a small farm doing justice to a rare strain.

Bacon’s Buds is a family farm located in the hills of Washougal striving to grow the highest quality, most naturally grown cannabis that people can find.

According to their website:
“We grow all of our cannabis in certified organic soil. Our soil is teeming with worms and other beneficial organisms that help to keep the soil aerated and well mixed, and prevent pests, eliminating the need for pesticides. After every crop we test our soil in order to optimally amend nutrients back into it. This both minimizes wasted soil and helps us to grow consistently phenomenal crops.”

Donkey Butter On Sale And Other Every Day Discounts

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Vendor Day Aug. 4 4-7 PM

Friday is Also CannaSol Vendor Day from 4 to 7 pm
Green Bluff Sativas
Green Bluff Greenhouse is a legal cannabis recreational farm in Washington State that specializes in rare, old school Sativa’s. Growing great authentic sativa requires dedication and patience but the effort is highly worth the wait!


THC Express

Drop in Wednesday for a taste of THC Express. If you haven’t tried any of their delicious cannabis infused edibles before then come take advantage of 15% off and enjoy a sweet treat. In this case… Sweet takes on a whole new meaning…

Cannasol Vendor Day

Cannasol will be dropping by for a vendor day. Come by to get a nice discount on the entire Cannasol line of cannabis products and learn more about their strains and what makes them one of our favorite vendors.

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