Directions to our store are easy. White Rabbit Cannabis, serving King and Snohomish county since 2016. A premiere cannabis shop that remains medically endorsed, the store focuses on high quality cannabis at a great price. Our buyers focus on organic and sustainably grown marijuana products, with an emphasis also on pesticide free cannabis.

Directions To White Rabbit Cannabis

Our customers sometimes travel over 45 minutes to get to our Lynnwood location. From as far north as Arlington, to the south side of Seattle. The reason customers go out of their way? Our goal is to offer the best of Washington’s marijuana selection, and we offer products and strains not found in every other shop in the state.

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Find Exclusive Cannabis Products

In fact, our reputation earned respect from our Vendors too. Popular and highly regarded brands like Fairwinds and LeafWerx both chose White Rabbit Cannabis to feature specialty product launches. These products, like Passion Flower and Full Spec, have very limited distribution across the entire state. Those companies honor White Rabbit with the recognition to showcase these specialized select cannabis products.

The reason for their exclusive support? Those companies feel White Rabbit goes the extra mile to educate customers on their merits and provide an excellent resource.

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Serving King And Snohomish Counties

Since Lynnwood sits right on the line of Snohomish and King Counties, White Rabbit Cannabis attracts customers from the northern and southern most reaches of each respectively. Customers are willing to travel the extra mile for the service and selection.

Our promise

At White Rabbit, our highest priority, serving the needs of our customers, takes highest priority. We want to please the first time buyers of cannabis products as much as the most experienced users. With a focus on medical patients, we maintain an inventory of selections that sustain the best levels of accountability and quality.