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Dab Rigs, Nectar Collectors, info from Kali Mist, your White Rabbit online budtender:

Hey all! Time to regale you with the inside dope on Dab Rigs and Nectar Collectors…

Without further ado…

Kali Mist On Dab Rigs And Nectar Collectors

Monday 18th  –  Dab Rigs and Nectar Collector’s discounted 15%

Okay y’all, I love to sing. I hit many notes easily, but once upon a time I got a little sick. Truth be told, silly me, I kept smoking through it all. At the time I mainly smoked joints. Why not?

Joints work great right? Hardly any mess to clean, and super portable.

Joints to this day still work great, my favorite, but my throat begs to differ. So long story short, to save my voice, I switched to Dabbing!

Don’t Fear The Dab Rigs

I once feared dabbing. The blow torch intimidates and very understandably so.  Thankfully many types of torch exist. They produce the heat  needed for quartz, titanium, or a nectar collector for your dabs.

I love dabs! The concentrated form of cannabis works so much stronger than flower. I take one hit of dab instead of continually puffing on a joint or a bong. Way easier to get the same high.

Learn How To Use A Dab Rig or Nectar Collector

Using a dab rig or nectar collector correctly takes some time. Dabbing now a couple years, I still manage to take it too hot from time to time. However, it’s nothing that a little practice can’t teach.

Taking care of your rig is important for not only the longevity of your piece, but for the experience of the high as well!

You dislike smoke from of a blackened with resin bong, the same holds true for dab rigs. Keep them maintained and clean. Not only save money on parts, it keeps your high clean and your experience all together smoother.

Want to switch to this route? I highly recommend coming in today. Take advantage of the daily special for all rigs and nectar collectors!

More Weekly Specials

  • Tuesday 19th  – All Topical’s will be discounted 15%
  • Wednesday 20th –  Canna-Bursts will be discounted 15%
  • Thursday 21st   –  OroGrow pre-rolls will be discounted 15%
  • Friday 22nd  –    Vendor Day :  Banano Buds is our vendor today
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Banano Buds

Now these guys have been here for a little while now and we finally get to put them on the show box. Everyone needs the opportunity to try this amazing flower.

I recently had a chance to try their amazing Dutchberry and let me tell you – this was the best Dutchberry I’ve had. I’ve had it from about 3 other people, but hands down this is my favorite phenotype of this strain.

We’ve got more from BananoBuds, such as Banano Berry, Punch Berry, Purple AK and Blueberry Diesel!! With this deal you can learn about them all during our weekly Vendor Day Deal. Banano Buds themselves will be here from 4pm – 7pm. Ask questions and let them tell you in depth about their grow.

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