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Smoking with the Caterpillar

DJ Short Blueberry

DJ Short Blueberry is a legendary hybrid.

DJ Short Blueberry

So it appears that we have moved on, and tonight I smoked a legend. The matriarch of many modern cannabis strains was packed into my bowl to be inhaled, tasted, and experienced. When you smoke the Original D.J. Short Blueberry, you know it: First by the distinctive aroma, and then, the even keeled hypnotic, yet cognitive high that follows.

Master Grower Paris Thorp’s DJ Short Blueberry

This particular specimen was bathed in the soft rays of Central Washington sun and organically grown by Paris Thorp and his skillful crew. What struck me most was the pride in their faces as they showed me about the farm they had built with copious amounts of sweat and faith, and a small amount of capital.

Wandering Goat Weed Company

The cannabis culture personified, these guys were doing it because they loved it. Their fondness for this humble plant becomes evident when you examine the fruits of their labor. The intense Blueberry aroma is the first thing I noticed when the product arrived. It filled not just the office, but the entire store as Kara and Will of Wandering Goat Weed Co. began unpacking the bags. By the time I closed that night, I had spent the day submerged in its aroma I could not wait to fire up a bowl.

Trying Wandering Goat’s Dj Short Blueberry

Once safely home I did not tarry, I held the opened bag to my nose. Slowly inhaling the fragrance awoke the receptors in my brain, making way for the musky sweetness that would soon follow in the form of soft floral smoke. There was no exaggerating by the testing lab that detected a 4.5% Terpene level combined with 27% THC.

The photos that accompanied the test results showed a few amber trichomes. A good sign that this flower was at peak ripeness when harvested. This deadly trio does the trick and the resulting high is cognitive, yet relaxed. A slight ear buzzing comes and goes. My body feels absent and strangely energetic. I have not smoked this offering in a group type setting, but this example lends itself well to solitude. A certain urge of industrious creativity seems to be prevalent. If it were to be enjoyed with others, I can see it going great with Pictionary, but probably not with Scrabble…

Warm Regards, the Caterpillar

When things are not what they seem, perhaps it’s time to change your perspective.

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