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Covid 19 Shop Safety Message

Thank you all for coming to see us at White Rabbit Cannabis.  We wish to thank you fro your patience and understanding as we continually try to implement measures to keep you safe.  Covid 19 is a modern horror. We understand these are stressful times and please forgive us in advance.  We are still striving to give good customer service during these difficult times.  We also would like you to know that, while we are trying to stay fully stocked, this may not always be possible as we and our suppliers are working with reduced staff.
We thank you for  continuing to ensure that social distancing guidelines are met, as we are required to implement and enforce them in order to stay open.
Be Safe and stay well. Help flatten the curve to beat covid 19!
We wish you, Harmony, Light, Health, Happiness, Peace, Love, and Cannabis.
We thank you sincerely.
The White Rabbit

Attention Valued Customer, Covid 19 In Store Safety

We are a medically endorsed store and have many people coming for this reason. In our efforts to support the community and keep everyone safe and stay open so that we can better serve you, we are asking that you cooperate with the following guidelines.

In accordance with the CDC and the Local Health Order issued by the Governor regarding Covid 19:

  • Do not enter if you are feeling ill.
  • Practice social distancing by entering one at a time. Do not shop in groups. If there are more than 3 people in the store, please wait until there are less people in the store.
  • Please keep as much space between yourself and others.
  • Please try and limit your stay to less than 10 minutes.
  • Please stand back from others and avoid touching the product.  We are happy to show it to you.
  • Cover your coughs and sneezes with the inside of your arm and not your hand.
  • Please exit using the middle door.


Thank you for your cooperation in keeping us all Safe, so we can stay open to serve you. 

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