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Companion CBD Tincture | Safe For Pets | Review on Fairwinds

Companion tincture is a cbd tincture designed for pets to consume safely.

A CBD Tincture Safe For Pets

If you love your pets like we do, then you know how it feels when your pet is experiencing health issues. In fact, for many people, a sick pet can be more stressful than any malady upon our closest friends and family.  You know in their eyes, and their body language when something is just not right. For example, your dog not running to the door to meet you. Yesterday, you just bought him a winning lottery ticket to the dog park.


Companion by Fairwinds Comes When Called

Today he just wants to stay parked. Or perhaps, your cat greets you with something so foul it looks and smells like the Devil made a dookie on your carpet. Yet, your heart goes out to them. You know that ol’ mutt would be wagging his tail to greet you if he could get up. The cat never wanted to be possessed by demon spawn of hell or pass that vomit ball of greasy fur. Unfortunately, since speaking human seems impossible until their evolution catches up, our pets can’t tell us what they need.

Oftentimes, it may just be something as simple as a little CBD tincture like Companions by Fairwinds.

fairwinds companion tinctures for pets

Companion Tincture CBD Is Safe For Pets

Because we hear first hand from our customers and friends how well Companion Tincture works, we tried it too. Indeed, we experienced first hand success with this product on our own animals, so we feel confident and safe recommending it. The product is not about getting your pet stoned. Most cats I know look like they ate magic mushrooms for breakfast, so the last thing a cat needs is to get wasted on weeeeeeeed.

Besides, catnip does just fine in that regard. However, a pet that has lost its’ appetite, or is experiencing seizures due to age issues, or joint pain, the CBD tincture seems to help profoundly. It isn’t like a pet will be influenced by the power of suggestion either. There is no such thing as “pet placebos”. So, when we hear or see first hand how well a pet does with CBD tincture like Companions, then we pay attention.

We see firsthand. The seizures stop. The appetite returns. The tail picks up and finds a way to wag again. Then, we look into their eyes, those pure loving eyes. Appreciation needs no words.

But, we do want to say that Companion CBD from Fairwinds deserves praise. (It even comes in bacon flavor. )

Here is a handy info graphic from Top Dog Tricks to get more info about CBD for pets.

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