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As a marijuana dispensary, White Rabbit Cannabis supports our local community and causes near and dear to us and to those we work with. We dedicate ourselves to improving our community through action and involvement. To date, we have supported a variety of causes, and we are always open to suggestion. If you have a non profit or otherwise community driven cause to discuss, then please do not hesitate to email [email protected]. Provide all the details and contact information and we will get back to you at our earliest possible convenience.

Currently, we support the following:

More about Edmonds Food Bank

Edmonds Food Bank helps families in need with food and other types of support. They also host a massive toy drive during the holiday season. White Rabbit Cannabis provides a collection site where non perishable food items can be donated during regular business hours. We are proudly one of the most successful collection sites and praise goes to all the customers lending their support of this great service provider.

Also, any customer who donates a food item earns a 5% discount on their entire order. While this discount cannot be compounded with other discounted items, it still offers a great way to save more than just a few bucks.

No Learning Left Behind

No Learning Left Behind creates accessibility (providing captions and American Sign Language) to education and educational subjects for those in the Deaf community, but all are welcome.

This is also a way to learn American Sign Language and about general things within the Deaf community. Since 90% of the Deaf community are born into hearing families, and only 25% of hearing parents learn sign language for their Deaf child(ren). The mission is to help hearing people learn at least the basics of sign language.

In case you are wondering what is the difference between “deaf” and “Deaf”, “deaf” is for those who are medically deaf, or have severe/profound hearing loss. If it is written “Deaf”, it is including anyone who is deaf or hard of hearing, any level between mild to profound hearing loss; also used when it comes to talking about the Deaf community.

Ways to connect:

Facebook: facebook.com/No.Learning.Left.Behind/

Instagram: instagram.com/no.learning.left.behind/

Twitter: twitter.com/N_LL_B

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