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Cliffside Cannabis | Vendor Day Today

Cliffside Cannabis is a great new addition to the White Rabbit shelves. With Cliffside Cannabis, you get organically grown cannabis. Well cured and properly trimmed, a very reasonable top shelf label.

Cliffside Cannabis

Vendor Day

4 to 7pm Friday 2/15

If someone told you to jump off a cliff… would you do it?

Actually, depends if it was Cliffside Cannabis. Because, truth be told, they are definitely jumping off! Come by today and find out what makes them a peak worth climbing.

They produce fine organic marijuana so if you would like to learn more and find out what great strains they are working on, how they put that extra something-something into what they do, then drop on by!

Cliffside Cannabis Vendor Day

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An excellent week for deals at White Rabbit Cannabis

Friday Feb 15 –  , Vendor day for Cliffside Cannabis from 4 to 7pmall large quantities of Emerald Fields marked down 15%!

Saturday Feb 16– Western Cultured is featured farm and discounted 15% off

Sunday Feb 17 – LeafWERX Brights 15% off

Also, check out the freshly stocked Bargain Bin! Every Saturday we restock the bargain bin. Keep an eye out! Find some incredible deals. Keep in mind, some products fall off the shelves. New producers don’t enjoy the familiarity others do.

That makes them prime candidates for discovery! When they go in the bargain bin you can find insane deals, so keep an eye out for those diamonds in the rough.

February Month Long Special

From the Soil & Magic Time Farms

All month long save 20% on these producers amazing organic marijuana.

They take their cultivation very seriously; very passionate about best organic practices and environmentally sustainable growing techniques.

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