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Topp Nuggs Cherry Pie Strain, January 23 National Pie Day Sale

Topp Nuggs Cherry Pie strain is on sale this week.

Topp Nuggs Cherry Pie 10% Off!

Celebrate National Pie Day the right way with White Rabbit Cannabis! On January 23rd, get 10% off the Cherry Pie strain from Topp Nuggs. The glorious cherry flavors will delight your palate and make you think you just won a National pie eating contest. But, don’t worry about the calories. Because, of course we are talking the cherry berry notes of deliciousness that make the Cherry Pie strain from Topp Nuggs so special.

This hybrid strain comes from the Granddaddy of many popular purp strains, Granddaddy Purple. “GDP” sets a standard for indica, basically an indica that puts you comfortably in the Lazy Boy couch that Grandpa likes to nap on. However, instead of just kicking up the feet and calling it a day, the cross with that legendary sativa Durban Poison lifts the spirit and energizes the experience. The combination provides the inspiration to jump off that couch and dance the Charleston with Gramps instead.

Topp Nuggs at White Rabbit Cannabis

The Cherry Pie Strain , reviewed by the Catapillar, maintains a great reputation. The caring approach Topp Nuggs services all of its crops helps set a proper standard of excellence. Getting the right notes of cherry takes time to cure. Those dark cherry sweet flavors that distinguish the cherry pie strain do not just happen overnight. The granddaddy purple delivers the big colas and that dark purple tint, and provides the sweet side, but the Durban Poison offers that sativa sour that curls the cherry pie strain into a nuance of unmistakable flavor.  Seriously, some strains get names that make no sense, however the cherry pie strain earns its name honestly.

In terms of hybrids, Cherry Pie brings the best of both worlds, sativa and indica, together. The flavor, the effect, everything about this strain delivers like a bowl of cherries. Minus the pits. You never leave the pits in when you bake a pie, and Topp Nuggs needs to enter this Cherry Pie in the contests at the Summer fair.

They grow organically grown weed in living soil with a molasses flush. The raw sugars give a crazy boost to the terpenes and the cure brings out all the best of the flavors in the final smoke!

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