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Cherry Pie Strain | Topp Nuggs | Review

Cherry Pie strain by Topp Nuggs is reviewed by The Caterpillar

Cherry Pie Strain Reviewed By The Caterpillar

Greetings from The White Rabbit my friends,

After months of being in my cocoon, I became impatient and decided to exit the endeavor for now
and give my cramping legs a stretch. For the life of me I cannot seem to figure out why I still
have sixteen of them. It would appear that my development is not progressing as anticipated.
Oh well, I might as well smoke some pot and accept the fact that I will remain a terrestrial
creature for a while longer.

Checking Out The Cherry Pie Strain Samples

I see the samples have piled up a bit in my absence and unfortunately so has the mail.
Hmm… I might as well smoke some pot. Of the new arrivals I have, I think tonight I will try this
Cherry Pie; a much sought after, often misrepresented,or just plain poorly grown strain
that deserves more respect. The fragrance of the real thing is unmistakable with an aroma
like the earth damp with dew when wildflowers are blooming. Also present is a hint of
crusty sweetness. It’s more warm than cool on the nose when breathing from the bag and
it’s not until you break open one of these soft sticky buds that the crisp minty scent escapes.

The color is also unique with thick patches of orange hairs accentuated by multiple tones and
two hues of green that serve as a duel, complementary color to the interspersed pointy
purple sugar leaves where the frostiness really shows. I am currently typing with all
sixteen legs, so bear with me as I wax poetic.It just feels really good to use my feet again.
Anyway… let’s get on with this thing. As far as this sample goes it seems to fit all the preliminary qualifications.

So I say let’s give it a smoke.

I will smoke from the bong to begin. I am using a locally crafted, inline percolator that
I purchased through Joe up in North City. I prefer to use small chunks rather than
“packing” a bowl; not only because it tastes better it also helps keep the cannabis from
over- heating and converting to CBN, the cannabinoid that makes us tired.

Ahhh, the first toke, the one where you find out how big your next rip should be.
I’m happy to say that I judged properly for a change and exhaled a sweet smoke with a
decidedly sour finish that lingered peacefully on my palate for a good long time.
As smooth as a soft evening in Scotland it were; it made me think of a place named
Glen with a weird last name. Be it Dronach, Fiddich, or Flagler it’s all lovely and would
probably go well on the rocks with this strain.

The coal was pure white before it was sucked into the pit of woe, lost forever into the
abyss where so many have gone before her. Little do they know that soon the entire mass
of slurry in which they exist will soon be poured into the compost heap where their life cycle
will begin again as new and wonderful perspectives. You see there is always a light at the
end of the tunnel. The vaporizer hit has a more pronounced flavor and finishes more on the
bitter side of sour, when the bitterness subsides in a quick ten seconds the remaining flavor is
much the same as the bong. So, with that said, I would say that this example lends itself well to a
bong whose warm gentle smoke adds a crusty texture and mellowness to this beautifully grown,
and adequately cured Cherry Pie currently offered By Topp Nuggs, a new grower for us from
Bellingham, Washington. The best weed is grown with love, call me crazy if you will but
I truly believe that. We have cannabinoid receptors for a reason,
and whatever those reasons may be, like it or not, we are connected to this plant and
I like mine to be grown like this.

I think the high is speaking for itself because I am cracking myself up.
This is precisely why I insist on writing about every strain whilst under its influence.
Anything short of that would be counterfeit. My giggles come in spurts, and while it is
heavy on the eyes, I can stay awake and be busy. I am currently two hours and
forty five minutes into the high and I can feel the Indica creeping in fast,
I would be more inclined to treat this as a hybrid that would go great with
a relaxing afternoon or a movie of most any genre. I’m not overly munchie but some fruit
would be nice to break the monotony of the leaves.
I say hats off to the entire crew at Topp Nuggs and give this flower a firm 4.8 of 5.

Warm Regards, The Caterpillar

Strain Cherry Pie / Living Soil / Molasses Flush / Organically Grown

Type Indica Dominate Hybrid / Durban Poison x F-1 Granddaddy Purple

Grower Topp Nuggs

THC 28.8%

Terpenes Very Good / Myrcene/ Humulene/ Caryophyllene

Cure Very Good / Mellowing for two more weeks in glass would be nice.

The best chance we have of survival will present itself when we all realize that as

a nation, and as a planet, we are far too diverse to be so divided.

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