Lumpy Space Princess Review | Western Cultured

Lumpy Space Princess from Western Cultured falls under the “sour” label of their flower offerings. So, expect strong sativa flavors coming through. It is a hybrid, but certainly leaning more sativa. Like, if you didn’t have a bit of indica holding on by a few sticky hairs, then it would be flying off sativa mountain.

What strain is Lumpy Space Princess?

As a hybrid it  leans heavily that way, about 80/20%. Pink Lemonade and Black Banana strains cross to find their bliss in this hybrid. It […]

Platinum Girl Scout Cookies | Red Frog | Review

Platinum Girl Scout Cookies is one of those strains I have heard about and seen around forever but never tried. Until now of course. Courtesy of the great folks at Red Frog Cannabis, I will finally get my chance.

Time to see what all the hoopla-la-la-la-ti-dah is all about.

So, when a strain wins a prize at a Cannabis Cup somewhere, or suddenly bursts on the scene as the darling of the day, I admittedly run a bit of skepticism up the flag pole. I get […]

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Chocolate Chunk Review | Spady Bud

Chocolate Chunk grown by Spady Bud set me up with a few expectations, then completely took them on a ride. I arrived on the other side but it was a long strange trip. Why?

Because I had to walk away from what I anticipated but did not get. Then say hello and appreciate the reality of what I did come away with.

Chocolate Chunk Review

Spady Bud’s Chocolate Chunk is an indica dominant hybrid. Admittedly, I expected it to be more chocolaty, similar to chocolate thai for […]

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Honu Vendor Day

Honu vendor day when they drop by this Friday the 13th from 4 to 7pm. We love the Honu edibles, and for good reason.

Indeed, Honu has award winning treats; right now we carry quite a few to choose from!

During Honu Vendor Day 15% off!

Try any of the amazing Honu edibles today while they are on sale. Meet the great peeps from Honu and learn more about what makes them special.

Especially if you are feeling a bit peckish… then time to stop in for the […]

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