Juicy Joints Supers Review | Island Breeze

Juicy Joint Supers represents the premium line of Juicy Joints. Known for their infused joints, the Supers feature crumble of concentrates, distillate of cannabis oil, and kief. Let’s face it, if you survive the crumble and the distillate, then the kief puts it over the top.

Triple the fun with Juicy Joints Supers

For the taste test, I am trying the Island Breeze. Island Breeze strain crosses Kiwi Skunk with Tangie and leans a bit on the indica side of things. Right away, have to give […]

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Blackberry Kush | Spady Bud

Blackberry kush from Spady Bud delivers a bounty of summer fruit and keeps us buzzing like bees. Spring was in the air. Then Summer came, bringing with it those beautiful summertime fruits. Like blackberries. As in blackberry kush from Spady Bud, delivering once again on making a legendary strain live up to its reputation.

The joy of blackberry kush

Spady Bud has a knack for doing buds that are well known and have been around a while. More importantly, they do a great job at […]

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Interra Keif | Kali Mist

Kief, sometimes spelled “keef”, refers to the resinous trichomes, those resinous globules sparkling on cannabis. You accumulate  kief in your typical containers or use sifters with a mesh screen to sieve it and collect it. Some vendors also collect it during production and offer it as a concentrate product.

If you are a hashish fan, then you will like keif. Think of it as the un-compacted version of hashish.

Interra Kief

The great specialists of concentrates at Interra also offer Interra keif. Enjoy their kief by strain, […]
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Leafwerx Pax Era Vaporizers

Leafwerx Pax premium vaporizer is easily one of the coolest vape pens I ever used. Aside from the fact you can play games (using its bluetooth connection), the cartridges seem to last forever and a day! Guys, I had this one cart for easily over a month, using it almost daily for stress and boy did it help!

Leafwerx Pax Vaporizer

I highly recommend picking up the Leafwerx Pax pen and a Suzi Q CBD cart. We also have other strains. Our current LeafWerx inventory includes […]

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Northwest Cannabis Solutions Edibles

Northwest cannabis solutions edibles actually encompass quite a few popular edible brands. Probably the best known are Marmas and Chewees. Magic Kitchen and Brownie Bites also set the bar as well.