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Seatown Lemon Haze | Western Cultured | Review

Seatown Lemon Haze from Western Cultured consistently ranks as one of the White Rabbit’s top selling strains. Western Cultured deserves high praise for keeping this phenotype so consistently amazing!

What Makes Seatown Lemon Haze So Special?

Western Cultured always delivers very high quality top shelf buds across the entire spectrum of flower the grow. However, a few definitely stand out, and the Seatown Lemon Haze earns a special mention in the pantheon of their buds.

Seatown Lemon Haze Is Classified As A “Sour” Strain

With Western […]

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40:1 Avocado Oil Tincture | Green Revolution | Review

The 40:1 Avocado Oil tincture from Green Revolution is a high CBD to low THC ratio edible oil based cannabis tincture. Green Revolution produces a variety of high quality cannabis extracts suspended in solutions, like this, which uses avocado oil as the base.

Using 40:1 Avocado Oil tincture From Green Revolution

Some tinctures are suspended in alcohol, while others are mixed with various types of oils. For anyone trying to avoid using any tincture products not based in alcohol, these offer welcome options. In this case, the […]

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Jack Herer Strain | 2727 | Review

Jack Herer, one of the great patriots of cannabis legalization, deserves a strain named in his honor. His seminal work, “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” placed one of the cornerstones of the cannabis legalization movement. So a strain named in his honor must hold a very high standard. Say no more.

The Jack Herer Strain By 2727

Every bit as classic a character as Jack Herer himself, his namesake strain possesses a great legacy as well. Known has a sativa dominant hybrid, the much heralded genetics […]

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Blueberry Punch | IndoCart | Review

Blueberry Punch from INDOCART adds plant derived terpenes to a powerful distillate cannabis extract. Admittedly, I am pretty hard on this practice. Plenty of candy is flavored with natural terpenes extracted from plants. That doesn’t necessarily mean a watermelon or strawberry flavored candy actually tastes like either of those things.

Tasting Blueberry Punch Cartridges from INDOCART

So, I am always a bit jaded about how to review flavored distillate carts, and the blueberry punch from INDOCART is no exception. Right away, the strain name is going […]

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Cannaburst Edibles | Review

The tale of Cannaburst… Once upon a time there were two candies. One, a delicious square bursting with fruity juicy flavor, the other, a sweet and tart taffy like strip that made your mouth water with delicious flavor. Now imagine these two candies had a baby…

The Joy Of Cannaburst Edibles

It would be a small, almost taffy like square, that made your mouth water with a bursting fruity flavor. This baby would grow up to be a hippy child, and the child was nurtured and loved…..Okay […]

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Wavy Blue | Kibble Junction | Review

Wavy Blue strain from Kibble Junction just came in. However, I confess. When Kibble Junction landed in our store, not impressed with how it looked. It lacks that golden lemon color, nor looks white or clear or even orange. I know. I spoil myself a little.

This budtender is guilty of choosing things by color.

The Color Of Wavy Blue Strain

But then someone gave me a better explanation on why some quality oil has a darker, more honey brown color. It comes down to a couple […]

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Cannasol kief | Review

Cannasol kief is in. A treasure to cherish.

The sunshine in Cannasol kief

Have you ever gotten a really beautiful bud and just marveled at the sparkly kief on the flower? Remembering saving up kief to add to my bowls, but that would take months and months to collect a decent amount. That was before the 502-industry blossomed in our state. Clearly, not everything was so good in the good old days.

Strains of Cannasol kief to choose from

Some great strains came into White Rabbit Cannabis of […]

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Ewok strain | Rogue Raven Farms | Review

Ewok from Rogue Raven Farms is back at White Rabbit, so time to revisit this highly regarded strain. The strain derives from a “A cross between Tahoe Alien and Albert Walker”.Known for potency, Ewok induces some powerful, cerebrally-focused effects. The terpenes limonene and myrcene provide those bitter and sour yet spicy touches of lemon and tangerines.

These terps provide part of the chemistry to create those “alert” and “focused” effects.

What strain is Ewok?

The parent strains Tahoe Alien and Albert Walker both come out a […]

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Blue Dream | Spady Bud | Review

Blue Dream strain from Spady bud brings out all I love about this classic strain, which is a sativa leaning hybrid. The parent strains blueberry and haze lifted it into legendary status on their own merits. But, the take on the classic by Spady hits all the right marks. Great fruity berry flavors, a touch of clementine citrus and northern pine, then smooth and comforting. Alert, yet tranquil.

Who has the best blue dream?

It is hard not to have tried the blue dream strain. […]

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Kibble Junction Dabs | Review

Kibble Junction came into our store a little ways back. Initially, I wasn’t impressed with how it looked; I think because I’ve spoiled myself with distillates. Didn’t have as much appreciation for more amber oil’s. It wasn’t until I understood that just because its darker it doesn’t mean it’s bad, it just means that there is more plant matter in it.

Some refer to it as “impurities”, but there are parts of the plant, terpenes for example, that get removed if those so called […]

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