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Cascade Cream Hashish | Sitka

Cascade cream hashish from Sitka is a specialty hashish blend. Sitka creates authentic hashish based on traditional methods. In this case, Lebanese hash is mixed with high grade Co2 solventless extract. This process recreates the “cream” style of hash from India and well known in Europe.

What is Cascade Cream Hashish?

One of the most famous types of hash known is called Mallana Cream. It is a hash made in India from high quality cannabis grown in a remote mountain village in the Mallana valley of the Himachal Pradesh state in India. The traditions and techniques for producing this hash go back thousands of years. The Cascade Cream hash from Sitka tries recreating this style of hashish using more modern techniques.

However, the goal is very much the same – to create a soft, dark, potent concentrate.

Traditional Techniqes vs Modern Methods For Creating Cream Style Hash

The “charas” (hash) of India varies in method and well as strain, but Mallana offers the highest THC content. Since it is so high in resin, the finished quality of the hashish is more pliable, earning it the “cream” tag. Sitka manages to recreate this style of hash by adding freshly extracted Co2 oil to mix with the plant resin derived from the flower.

By using modern extraction methods, Sitka maintains a level of quality that impresses. Not only does it look, taste, and smell like the Mallana Cream of India, it does so consistently.

How Good Is Cascade Cream Hashish From Sitka?

Sitka hashish pretty much sets the bar pretty darn high. They make classic hash and they do it justice. Creating Cascade Cream really pays homage to the Mallana Valley product. While the strain differs, the quality is on par. The taste and potency are on point.

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