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Cannaburst Edibles | Review

The tale of Cannaburst… Once upon a time there were two candies. One, a delicious square bursting with fruity juicy flavor, the other, a sweet and tart taffy like strip that made your mouth water with delicious flavor. Now imagine these two candies had a baby…

The Joy Of Cannaburst Edibles

It would be a small, almost taffy like square, that made your mouth water with a bursting fruity flavor. This baby would grow up to be a hippy child, and the child was nurtured and loved…..Okay yes, this story is a little silly, but the candy exists! You can find a home for it here at White Rabbit Cannabis

A Combination of Great Flavors And Nice Feelings

CannaBursts are delicious and the perfect combination of sweet and fun. I honestly wish the makers would sell the uninfused product in convenience stores or something so I can have more than one candy at a time. They come in a rainbow of flavors such as Strawberry Surge, Watermelon Whizbang, Mango Mortar , Pineapple Pucker , Berry Bomb, and Grape Grenade.

My Favorite Cannaburst Flavor

That Grape one is my favorite, and that’s saying something because unless its sugary sweet, I’m not a grape fan. I can’t by a whole box because I’ll eat them all in one sitting. Be careful folks these things are super tasty, so remember to take them slowly. Think these can’t sound any better, well let me just finish up by telling you they come in 4 choices per flavor. Sativa, Indica, Hybrid, and CBD infused. These candies rock my socks off.

canaburst fruit chews

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