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Cannabis Terpenes | What’s the buzz?

Cannabis terpenes are complex compounds. They provide not just the flavor profile, but also create the “entourage effect”.

Cannabis Terpenes Guide

Cannabis terpenes not only provide flavor to the weed, but also dramatically play a role in shaping the buzz. If you have ever noticed how some super high level of THC strains don’t actually live up to the hype, then most likely the terpenes dropped off at the expense of cultivating high THC. Consequently, you may notice some lower THC strains completely blow you away. The buzz seems to last longer, be more euphoric, mellow, vibrant, heady, or any other feeling.

GreenCamp Terpene Chart

Well, with thanks to GreenCamp, we can demonstrate the role cannabis terpenes play. Hopefully let’s set set the record straight, because the quest for strains that just have high THC miss out on the advantages and virtues of growing a well balanced plant. Today, with more legitimate research going on around the world about marijuana, the knowledge base grows daily. Therefore, more and more, the key role terps play in designing the therapeutic and medicinal values of marijuana grows accordingly. Green Camp provides a great source for further knowledge, since they are not slaves to the ad dollars that might skew perspectives a bit on some other well known weed resource sites… (ahem, cough, cough… must have taken too big a bong load there…)

cannabis terpenes chart

How Do Cannabis Terpenes Work?

Essentially, Cannabis Terpenes dance in relationship with the cannabinoids, creating chemical reactions that both amplify or even inhibit the ability of THC to bond with receptors. Just like the “nose” on fine wines, what you smell, what smells illicit specific responses matters.

Terpenes have played a part in Homeopathic, Ayurvedic, and Naturopathic medicine for centuries, and many of these medicines earned recognition in western medicine as well. So, the fact that marijuana has been used medicinally since prehistoric times should not come as a surprise.

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