CORE member Craig Kimball of White Rabbit with Maria Cantwell

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Cannabis Organization Of Retail Establishments

Cannabis Organization of Retail Establishments lobbies for the industry and consumers.

CORE, A Cannabis Organization Lobbying For The Industry

CORE, Cannabis Organization of Retail Establishments, protects the legal cannabis industry. A constant vigilance of lobbying makes sure Federal lawmakers stand abreast of the facts. Still, small businesses like White Rabbit Cannabis have a tough enough time. They deal with state regulatory issues without also worrying about the federal side of things. However, Craig Kimball, sometimes known as the Caterpillar, and always important as one of White Rabbit‘s fearless leaders, finds the time. He does us all a solid by stepping up and stepping in to help.

CORE makes a difference. The cannabis organization lobby fights for the industry. Because until the federal and state agree on legalization, the battle rages on daily. At the moment, several bills affecting the cannabis industry sit for debate in the House of Origin. These include changing the regulation body and standards for laboratory testing of products HB 2227.  Next, allowing for the sale of branded merchandise HB 1487, and creating standards for CBD HB 2334 , and finally, private labeling HB 2473.

Currently, the House voted for legislation that allows for five-day net terms for purchasing product HB 2472,. It removes the requirement to have the retailers name and include a UBI on product labels HB 2474, as well as prevent retailers from pooling their businesses for group advertising HB 2335, and finally removing residency requirements for less than 25% ownership of a cannabis business HB 1151. These bills have passed the House of Representative and are headed to Senate committees.

Craig and Maria Rub Elbows

As a CORE member Craig met Maria during a recent event to testify before the State legislature.

More power to Maria Cantwell, giving face time to any cannabis organization means the voice of the industry has an ear. Livelihoods are on the line. A booming industry striving for legality, accountability, and healthful practices needs someone of her acumen and accomplishment lending her voice. Maria Cantwell, (from her wiki)  is the junior United States Senator from Washington, serving since 2001. A Democrat, she previously served in the Washington House of Representatives from 1987 to 1993 and then in the United States House of Representatives from Washington’s 1st congressional district from 1993 to 1995, after which she worked as an executive for RealNetworks.


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