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Cannabelle combines high cbd strains with thc strains

For Cannabelle, Great Taste Counts

Imagine getting a jar of weed that features not one but two different stains. Even better, the two strains intentionally compliment one another. Indeed, like Yin and Yang, like peanuts and beer, like a bow legged woman and a knock knee’d man. Because Cannabelle provides the best of both worlds, one strain brings the super high CBD the other delivers big THC. For example, the Harlequin runs 11% CBD, while the other strains, like Grape Puff, Oregon Diesel, and Tangie deliver the high THC found in those great indica and sativa strains.

The beauty of this idea works on several levels. First, it permits striking a balance for just the right mix. Note, research shows how THC and CBD work in harmony to promote and inhibit qualities of the other. Next, the notion feels a bit like two in one to achieve something better than the sum of its parts, like putting wheels on a frame and calling it a bike.

Cannabelle gives you something to chew on

Incidentally, Cannabelle offers a nice smooth ride. Great organic cannabis just tastes better, especially when the cure gives enough time to let the flavor profile fully manifest. However, just one hopefully constructive criticism, better separation of the two buds would help differentiate between the two stains better. I think the paper card separating the strains might overly dry the flower. Thus, the resinous buds lose a bit of their nose.

The Strains of Cannabelle

The bong gets the full cleanse. The strains include Grape Puff, Oregon Diesel, Tangie, and Harlequin. Harlequin rides high on a great reputation for high CBD but also has just enough THC to help the CBD work its magic. I tried it after a night of getting banged up playing hockey. Typically, the toll on the body leaves a decent amount of soreness, so I look for the CBD to relieve swelling. Cannabelle’s Harlequin delivered the goods. Instead of no pain, no gain, I find no pain, well, infact that’s a gain.

Tangie, the strain screams sativa like a kid coming down a steep drop on a roller coaster. Truly, when it comes to sativa, Tangie pretty much marches forth as a standard bearer. The Cannabelle Tangie shows solid trichromes glittering like the diamond of an oil baron heiress. Happily, that signature sour drops a citrus note on the tongue. For some, the intense cerebral side of Tangie comes off like too much of a head trip, but don’t count me as one of those. I like conjecturing about what if the sky was yellow and the sun was blue sort of thoughts.

Is It Good?

Had to spend a day in quiet contemplation before moving on to the next…

Third up, the Grape Puff sits on the indica side of the spectrum, almost a complete opposite of the Tangie. As the limonene pulls the sour side, for any strain with grape in the name, the nose intertwines grape with floral notes, while the sweet ripe raisin dances on the tongue through the exhale. Nicely sedative, but not so couch lock that you need to call a locksmith.

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