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Candy Cane Strain | Hang Roots

Candy cane strain leans on the indica side of hybrid.

Candy cane strain from Hang Roots

Hang Roots does a great job with the strain. It is a 70% indica strain hybrid from AK-47, Mango, and White Widow genetics. It has a minty smell but actually tastes fruity. Many people describe the strain as being euphoric and ethereal.

Candy Cane Strain of the Week

This week candy cane strain from Hang Roots drops 15% in price, but stays 110% quality! A lovely representation of the strain, Hang Roots deserves a high five. Real high…

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Zoots Drops & Shots

Tues Dec 18

Want to add a bit of spirit to your spirits? Drop in a few drops of Zoots Drops to your favorite holiday beverage or tip back a Zoots Shot and enjoy. The drops are easy to measure so you don’t over indulge!

15% OFF HONU Edibles

Wed. Dec 19

Honu makes some of the tastiest cannabis infused treats around. What goes better with the holidays than something sweet and infused with excellent organic cannabis extracts?

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