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Blueberry Margarita Review | Saints

Blueberry Margarita from Saints Cannabis lives up to their typically very standards upon first inspection. The paper foil wrapping with gorgeous blue and green colors tastefully and playfully teases the name of the strain. Inside, the strain bursts forth, exquisitely pungent. You almost have to take a magnifying glass to see the leaf, because the crystals of trichromes are so dense.

This Saint marched in… blueberry margarita in hand.

blueberry margarita saints

A taste of blueberry margarita

Crack the lid. Park my nose in the glass. Do a reverse sneeze to sniff it up like a detective’s hairy hound dog. I am on the scent. Tracking it down to catch it while it lasts.

A sweet sourness like tart apples followed by a dense funk, like blue cheese on a dill pickle. It is weird yet wonderful but I am not really getting any lime or blueberry per se on first sniff. Understandably, they don’t want to call it blue cheese pickle.

On second thought, that might already be a strain name.

Who has the best blueberry strain?

I don’t know if blueberry margarita from Saints is the best blueberry strain. Blueberry hybrids are hard to keep up with these days. Also, if you go by wanting that “blueberry” smell, then this is more on the tart side and closer to lime… to the nose.

But on the mouth and in the exhale, sweet and smooth, the blueberry expresses itself like a summer fruit. Full of juice and kissed by the sun. Everything I have ever tasted from Saints is wonderful.

The mark of a great cure. Genetics, nutrients get you only so far. The finish is all in the cure.

Blueberry Sativas

The blueberry strain comes from Thai landraces and Afghani indica, so those are the sort of parent strains that nurture healthy offspring. Fans of sativas will enjoy the wake up and say hello world quality but it is still soft as an indica cloud pillow.

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