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We promote the health of people, communities, and the planet with the therapeutic properties of cannabis.

Cannabis Articles

About our Weed Reviews


cannabis articles banner image of bud on weed leaf background The opinions expressed in our weed reviews is based on personal opinion, and does not represent any sort of storewide bud tender consensus or ownership viewpoint. These reviews are subjective and reflect the opinion of the reviewer writing the post. As with all cannabis products, everyone has a different experience.

The Goal Of Our Cannabis Articles

With regard to our reviews, providing some insight and experience based feedback hopefully customers make more informed choices. While it is no guarantee anyone feels the same way, at least they gain a basic point of view. If this helps make a better decision, then that is great.

Customer Feedback And Reviews

We always welcome input from our customers too! Whenever possible, our cannabis articles do include actual customer feedback. But, we also want our customers to share their feedback even further – by sharing their insights too! If you wish to write a review, then we want to hear from you.

  • Please keep it constructive and informative. We don’t want to bash anyone.
  • Submit it using our contact form
  • If we use it, then we will credit it to the author, but all rights are transferred to White Rabbit Cannabis.

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