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Honu Vendor Day

Honu vendor day when they drop by this Friday the 13th from 4 to 7pm. We love the Honu edibles, and for good reason.

Indeed, Honu has award winning treats; right now we carry quite a few to choose from!

During Honu Vendor Day 15% off!

Try any of the amazing Honu edibles today while they are on sale. Meet the great peeps from Honu and learn more about what makes them special.

Especially if you are feeling a bit peckish… then time to stop in for the […]

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Saints Cannabis Prerolls

SaintsĀ  prerolls make a comeback to White Rabbit Cannabis. With a penchant for growing amazing flower, the Saints Prerolls do not disappoint.

Saints Prerolls 15% OFF!

Get your Saints Cannabis Prerolls this Thursday 9/12 for fifteen percent off. Get ready for a great weekend, because we have Saints prerolls in 5 packs! A wide selection available, while supplies last.

Weekend Specials

Everything marked off 15% unless otherwise indicated. Here are the specials you can look forward to over the next few days.


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Soulshine Concentrates

Soulshine Concentrates special this week! So, come in and save 15% on all the great Soulshine Concentrates while supplies last.

soulshine concentrates

Soulshine Concentrates, a dab will do ya!

Producer’s of award winning strains, the Soulshine Concentrates come highly recommended. Indeed, our budtenders love them and our customers rave about them too!

Upcoming specials this week.

Save 15% on everything listed. Also, get 20% off GreenRush flower all month long in September!

  • From 9/8 to 9/14, get Pinnacle Cannabis Orange Cookies. A […]
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Doc Croc Vendor Day

Doc Croc vendor day today so stop in from 4 to 7 pm. During the Vendor day event, there is a 15% discount on all their products

Doc Croc Vendor Day 15% OFF

Save on all the great products from Doc Croc. Fabulous concentrates and a great selection of flower strains to choose from, including dutch treat.


Sweetwater Farms

Featured farm will be Sweetwater Farms today. All their products marked down 15%.


Soulshine Concentrates

The Caterpillar has spoken. The concentrates from Soulshine on sale […]

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Happy Apple Beverages

Happy Apple Beverages literally taste like a freshly juiced honeycrisp apple.

Even without the thc and cbd concentrate infusions, Happy Apple beverages would lift your spirits they taste so wonderful.

Happy Apple Beverages on sale today!

All the Happy Apple beverages get marked down today by 15%!

The spirit of Happy Apple Beverages

The flavor of Happy Apple Beverages tastes nothing short of amazing, but add in the infused concentrates and you have one of the best cannabis drinks ever.


Take advantage of these […]

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Northwest Cannabis Solutions

Northwest Cannabis Solutions stops by today for a vendor day. All their products marked down by 15% during the visit. These guys make so many great products. Also, they do it all, including flower, joints, edibles, and concentrates.

Many Brands From Northwest Cannabis Solutions

You might not realize it, but Northwest Cannabis Solutions puts lots of great brands out there. Their edibles include Chewees, Marmas, Mari’s Mints, Koko Gemz, Brownie Bites. For flower, check out Legends, Funky Monkey, and Private Reserve. And for concentrates, […]

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Beaker Bongs

Beaker Bongs deploy scientific glass, thus they possess several useful attributes. Namely, they resist breakage. Also, they feature low centers of gravity. Additionally, beaker bongs clean easily.

Beaker bongs on sale today!

All the beakers in our great collection of paraphernalia marked down today by 15%!

Beaker bongs for industrial bonging

These are made to hold up to more wear and tear than the average glass bong. The thicker glass is also shatter resistant.

Of course, if you drop it on a cement floor, well, you are still screwed. However, […]

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Pura Vida Cannabis Vendor Day

Pura Vida Cannabis Vendor Day from 4 to 7 pm. During the Pura Vida Cannabis vendor day event, all their products will be marked down 15%.

Come to the Pura Vida Cannabis Vendor Day!

With a Pura Vida Cannabis vendor day, not only do you get discounts on all their product, but also you get to ask them questions about them too. Find out what makes Pura Vida special. From the way they use only organic and environmentally sustainable nutrients, to the hand trimmed […]

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Island Gro Cannabis

Today Island Gro large quantities are on sale. All Island Gro Flower from 1/4 oz to an ounce gets marked down.

About Island Gro Cannabis

From Island Gro, “Located on beautiful Whidbey Island, Island Gro started in June of 2016. Bringing the right knowledge , they hopped on the scene with a solid strain of Dutch Treat, then found their way as they got more strains added to their collection, such as Purple Glu and Shangri-La.”

From Island Gro Cannabis we have dutch treat, shangri-la, […]

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Aloha Buds | large quantity special

Today stop by for Aloha Buds as we feature their excellent flower and anything from a quarter ounce and higher goes on sale today for 15% off

Aloha buds, aloha spirit

The folks who grow Aloha buds do wonderful organic cannabis that embody the true aloha spirit. We currently carry the following strains williams wonder, cherry pie, and bruce banner. Great prices on the Aloha buds ounces, even better with that 15% off!

Trail Blazin’ Cannabis

20% off in […]

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