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Great Cannabis Kali Mist’s Specials 11/11 – 11/16

Here are the specials this week for White Rabbit. We have some tasty discounts this week!

15% Off Weekly Great Cannabis Deals

Monday 11th  –  Bubbler’s and Hammers will be discounted 15%

~”Bubbles bubbles, millions and billions of bubbles!”~
Many of us know that water adds a calming presence in smoking the green. So check these Bongs, water pipe, joint bubblers, hammers and more! The sizes and possibilities are endless!
Well today we put some of those wonderfully smooth hitting bubblers and hammers on special! Not only does the added water […]
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Banano’s Treat | Banano Buds

Banano’s Treat from Banano Buds takes the Strain of The Week spot this week. Banano’s Treat demonstrates another great exclusive strain from Banano Buds. Described as a cross of 80% Banano’s Berry and 20% Dutch Treat

Banano’s Treat Strain Of The Week

15% OFF November 10-16

The folks from Banano Buds pride themselves on unique strains and doing things right. No pesticides, organically grown, and properly cured, their flower rules! Naturally, our customers love it.

More Specials This Week

Besides the Banano’s Treat, check out the daily 15% […]

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Halloween Edibles Special

A couple Halloween edibles specials this week. On 10/30 we feature Ceres Edibles on sale, then for 10/31 Halloween Day all infused candies marked down. Check our store for availability.

Get Your Halloween Edibles

For candy edibles on Thursday, every type of infused candy drops 15% off.

Come In Costume And Save

Anyone that drops by in his or her costume on Halloween gets 5% off their entire order! This discount cannot be combined with other discounts. So, if you want just candy then you may just take […]