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Space Face | Farm of the Week

Space Face is a new vendor with White Rabbit Cannabis and they have certainly been a hit. These week we feature Space Face as Farm of the Week, so you will find everything from them at 15% off.

Space Face Strains

The Space Face strains we currently have in stock include Bifrost and Black Bubba. You can order online now so if you want to make sure you get some before it is all gone then that is the best way to go.

Strain Info

From my research, […]

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Dose Concentrates | Kali Mist

Dose Concentrates never disappoint. I can tell you from experience how delectable these oils from DOSE taste.

Activated THC Dose Concentrates In Syringes

When I tried one of their Syringe’s as a sample I was going to a parade in the summer, so smoking wasn’t an option. Good thing Dose Concentrates makes activated THC hash oil syringes. (Aka RSO, or Rick Simpson Oil)
I used it as an edible, putting it under my tongue and letting it sit there as long as I could stand… Then taking […]
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GNub Review

GNub is not some funky name for a new internet company. Gnub refers to a smaller half gram version of the ever popular Gstik, which is a full flower distillate infused preroll. So sticky, these shiny little joints just look souped up like the race car equivalent of a doobie.

Gnub Distillate Infused Prerolls

Gnub distillate infused prerolls definitely are very popular with customers, but for full disclosure, I am typically not a fan of certain distillates. Basically, in all honesty, pure THC gives me a […]

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