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Citrus Tsunami Review | Pinnacle

Citrus Tsunami from Pinnacle surprised me. The strain crosses Sour Tsunami and Go TIme so I expected a mostly cbd body high type of experience. However, the Go Time has the get up and go side of a powerful sativa. So, the carry over is a strain that feels like an indica but thinks like a sativa.

How good is Citrus Tsunami?

You can count on Citrus Tsunami to deliver the boom skaka laka boom shaka laka. The flower tested over 20% for the lot number, […]

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Lemon OG | Red Frog | Review

Lemon OG from Red Frog Cannabis showcases the classic OG Kush variation. Red Frog takes on the challenge of doing a well known strain, although some are more familiar with it by another name, “presidential kush”. By any name, OG kush strains are like the godfather and bedrock of so many hybrids. Pretty much every strain on the planet pays genetic homage to it.

What is lemon OG strain?

Earning the status of “presidential”, lemon OG earned the popular vote early on by being a great […]

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