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Wicked Extreme | Bubble Hash | Banano Buds

Wicked Extreme is another exclusive strain of Banano Buds. For the review, I am sampling their bubble hash.

Wicked Extreme Bubble Hash From Banano Buds

The Wicked Extreme bubble hash from Banano Buds is a dense tanned ball of compressed kief. The scent has more pine than hashish, more citrus than spice. The tested sample has 32.31 THC and no detectable CBD.

What Is Bubble Hash?

Bubble hash gets its name several ways. First and foremost, bubble hash is made with fine mesh “bubble bags” that help first […]

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Sticky Berry | Hazy Daze

Sticky Berry from Hazy Daze is our strain of the week. Hazy Daze does a fine job with this indica dominant hybrid. The flower is indeed sticky and sweet. For once, the name not only makes sense but actually tells it like it is!

Sticky Berry Strain Of The Week 15% Off

All week long, the wonderful sticky berry discounted while supplies last. Just a heads up… Hazy Daze moves fast. No mystery. It is righteous flower at a great price.

More Upcoming Specials

Check in […]

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Chocolate Chunk Review | Spady Bud

Chocolate Chunk grown by Spady Bud set me up with a few expectations, then completely took them on a ride. I arrived on the other side but it was a long strange trip. Why?

Because I had to walk away from what I anticipated but did not get. Then say hello and appreciate the reality of what I did come away with.

Chocolate Chunk Review

Spady Bud’s Chocolate Chunk is an indica dominant hybrid. Admittedly, I expected it to be more chocolaty, similar to chocolate thai for […]

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