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Pinnacle Dabs | purple punch

Pinnacle Dabs and Concentrates

Picture this, you’ve just finished eating supper, your tummy is nice and full, but the need for something a little sweet still lingers. Consider Pinnacle dabs… Enter a delicious dessert strain,  a wonder to taste, relaxing, and an easy remedy for sleeplessness, Purple Punch.
pinnacle dabs and concentrates

Purple Punch Pinnacle Dabs

Purple Punch is the amazing strain you need to taste to appreciate. This strain tickles the senses with an easy going […]
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Mimosa Strain Proper Cannabis

Mimosa is a well known sativa dominant strain and it gets “Proper” treatment. Proper Cannabis is the premium top shelf brand by Soulshine. If you are familiar with Soulshine, then you know they already grow excellent cannabis. So, knowing what they hold in highest regard means a lot.

Mimosa strain Proper Cannabis Sativa Dominant Hybrid

I personally love sativas. For me, sativas and indicas don’t really mean “energy” vs “sedation”. There are euphoric indicas and dreamy sativas. So, the difference for me primarily is like […]

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