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Bigfoot, Champion of Social Distancing

White Rabbit Cannabis welcomes none other than the most elusive celebrity of all time to say hello and teach everyone a few social distancing tips from a certified expert in the field. Yes, we are talking Bigfoot will actually make an appearance today!

Big Foot will be here to sign autographs and take pictures from 1pm to 3pm. Fans must stay at least six big feet apart… No exceptions. Since Bigfoot is well known to spook easily, we encourage everyone to speak in whispers or use sign language if at all possible.

A librarian in a Hazmat suit will be on hand to make sure that quiet is maintained and no one gets too close.

Bigfoot Exclusively At White Rabbit Cannabis

Bigfoot will teach the sacred virtues of social distancing and what it means to be a truly successful social distancer. Topics will include:

  • How to avoid being seen even if everyone thinks they can hear your foot steps
  • What lighting is best for producing dimly lit and properly grainy photos
  • Where to go when you want to avoid being seen but still want to make a splash
  • Why White Rabbit is a great place to shop during the protective order if you want to stay safe.

Bigfoot Recommends Ordering Online

Make sure to heed Bigfoot’s advice about ordering online! He recommends using the online store in order to place orders so that you can get in and get out as quickly as possible. Access these days is limited in the shop, so everyone doing their part to make room for others is encouraged and appreciated.

Verdelux Edibles

4/1 15% Off

Today Verdelux edibles are on sale for 15% off. No, that is not an April Fools joke. We are completely serious.

Dream City Prerolls

4/2 15% Off

Dream City full flower prerolls are back! On sale Thursday in a variety of strains.

Red Frog

Farm of the Day 

4/4 15% Off

Everything from Red Frog is on sale this Saturday!

Online Ordering Now Available!

Online ordering is now available, so please take advantage of it!

Strain of the Week

Strawberry Lemonade from Sweetwater Farms is a wonderful sativa dominant hybrid. It crosses Strawberry Cough with Sour Lemon OG and has a nice uplifting spirit to it.

sweetwater farms

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