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Beaker Bongs

Beaker Bongs deploy scientific glass, thus they possess several useful attributes. Namely, they resist breakage. Also, they feature low centers of gravity. Additionally, beaker bongs clean easily.

Beaker bongs on sale today!

All the beakers in our great collection of paraphernalia marked down today by 15%!

Beaker bongs for industrial bonging

These are made to hold up to more wear and tear than the average glass bong. The thicker glass is also shatter resistant.

Of course, if you drop it on a cement floor, well, you are still screwed. However, treat it right and it will last for years!

Upcoming Specials in addition to beaker bongs

Take advantage of these specials to save more on these featured products.


Happy Apple

Happy Apple infused beverages taste like the best juice you ever had… then feel like the best juice you ever had too.


Verdelux Edibles

Verdelux Edibles bring world class confections with infused goodness. Also, Verdelux come available in THC and CBD options.



Western Cultured Prerolls

Western Cultured prerolls feature the same awesome full bud flower grown by Western Cultured. Note, the super silver haze and lo-pez taste amazing!


NWCS Vendor Day

Northwest Cannabis Solutions arrives from 4 to 7pm for a vendor day; hence, all their great products, which include flower, concentrates, and edibles marked down 15% during the event.


Agrijuana Big Bags

Everything from a 1/4oz to a full oz in Agrijuana flower marked down today, so check out the quality. For the price, can’t be beat.

Crazy Glue

Hazy Daze

Strain of the Week

8/25 – 9/1

Crazy Glue offers a an Indica-Dominant hybrid duo of GG #4 and Super Silver Chemdog Haze. Indeed, this strain typically tests well over 20% thc. So, if you like a strong indica leaning hybrid, then the crazy glue sticks like crazy.

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