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Banano Buds

Banano Buds takes the shelves this Saturday as our White Rabbit featured farm. This means everything from them marked down 15%! Take advantage of the great savings. If you never tried this producer, then you won’t be disappointed!

Try the Blueberry Diesel, Dutchberry, Punch berry and White widow.

Banano Is 15% OFF Saturday

You can also take advantage of the following upcoming specials this weekend.

  • Banano Featured Farm Saturday 15% off all day long.
  • Waterstone Concentrates Sunday, Caterpillar picks the best concentrates for sale every Sunday!
  • Nectar collectors on sale this Monday.
  • Happy Apple beverages still taste great in the Fall too. 15% off? Even better!

banano buds

Last days of GreenRush special!

Grab some GreenRush while you still can! With a 20% discount, you find a wonderful price on some fantastic flower. GreenRush has incredible transparency on their buds. They take pride in no chemical fertilizers and not using pesticides.

You can taste the difference for sure. Supplies are running low, so get in while you can. Once it is gone, its done… Until we get more. But it won’t be for that great a price in October!

From the GreenRush site:

“We’ve curated our precision recipes to maximize our gene variety to create a blend that balances the ultimate synergies of terpene flavor, aroma, and cannabinoid effects. We never stop looking for superior terpene flavor and lasting impacts.”

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