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Banano Buds Special

The Banano Buds Special this month means all month long getting 20% off some of their amazing flower at White Rabbit.

What makes Banano Buds special?

Banano Buds grows classic and exclusive strains. They keep it organic and pesticide free so the taste is sweet. No bite on the back of the throat! If you haven’t tried any yet, then definitely time to take advantage of 20% off their flower!

Special Strains

These are the strains we currently have available for the sale. It is subject to change based on availability and new deliveries.

As you can see, Banano Buds features strains that are completely exclusive too. The purple ak-47 features incredible lime green colors tinted with lavender to deep purple highlights. It tastes sweet but still has those piney notes from the ak-47.

Dutch berry combines another favorite classic strain, Dutch Treat, with DJ Short Blueberry. The strain has been around a while, but Banano does a wonderful job with it. Genetics can only get you so far, right? Growing conditions make a huge difference as well!

And we love Banano because of their pesticide free approach and the care they put into the curing process.

Here are some of the strains we have this week for the sale:

  • blueberry diesel
  • banano’s treat
  • banano berry
  • dutch berry
  • punch berry
  • purple ak-47

While supplies Last

banano buds flower
banano buds flower jar of cannabis


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