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A review of Avitas, one of the premium PNW brands.

Avitas Delivers The Goods

Hold the tastefully appointed Avitas packaging up to the mirror. Make sure you are glued to the floor since your mind is about to be blown with this revelation…

Avitas spells “sativa” backwards!

Ok, maybe you already knew that, but Avitas literally says exactly what it means. In fact, it delivers the message brilliantly. Most importantly, the name resonates still more deeply upon tasting their exquisite line of cannabis products. Try one of the sativa strains used in their C02 subcritical derived concentrates.

If you could stick a straw into a bud and sip the essence of the terpene flavor profile, then that comes closest to what their concentrates taste like. Unlike many extracts that approximate the flavor specific to the strain, Avitas sets the true mark of getting it spot on. Maui Wowie tastes like a vacation to Maui. It delivers like you just hooked up with a local who turned you on to the good locals only stuff. Lemon Meringue brings pleasure to the palate like a dessert prepared by a master.

An Owner Who Cares About Quality

Because name recognition comes with delivering the goods, Avitas prepares strain specific concentrates meeting very specific high standards. Before being utilized for extraction, rigorous controls determine the quality. Avitas favors a full plant extraction. This means it must be harvested and utilized to obtain the maximum fullness of the cannabinoid profile. Every batch is tested for the terpene profile, lack of pesticides, lack of contaminants, and must pass muster.

Founder Adam Smith declares, “We fully test for pesticides and potency before we even run the extraction to make sure the quality and purity are there.” Avitas grows their own crops as organically as possible and avoid the use of chemical pesticides but they also source material from other growers. Adam adds “We make sure the partners that we source from uphold the same organic standards we maintain. For us, it is not just a matter of consistency. Delivering a high quality product means respecting the process. At Avitas, that means respect for the environment, the industry, and of course the customer that enjoys our cannabis.”

What Is Good For Avitas Is Good For The Industry

To ensure those standards, growers working with the company must sign amendments agreeing to not use pesticides and to grow with the best organic growing practices possible. In this way, the culture of quality and concern for the environment extends beyond the company to influence the broader marijuana industry.

Avitas has established brand recognition for their flower, and their concentrates are always top notch. However, the company does not rest on its laurels. Always seeking new and more efficient technology for consuming the extracts led to the Pax Era system, a cartridge and battery system. The most striking advantage besides the very consistent draw comes as a surprise. Instead of being like many cartridges where a few too many pulls makes the oil taste like the business end of a bulldog’s butt, the Pax cartridge never overheats. The first hit tastes like you just drew on a well cured unlit joint. The last will taste the same. In fact, you might even find yourself looking at it and saying, “Did that just taste as good as I thought?” Then next draw confirms the affirmative.

No surprise, if you create the best solvent free concentrates then you want to provide the best delivery system to enjoy them with.

The packaging presents a refined quality; it refrains from flashy colors and pithy slogans, made up strain names and false advertising. That comes as no surprise, because Avitas makes sure that what comes inside does all the talking.

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