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Avitas Pax Era | Ace of Spades

Avitas Pax Era cartridges reviewed by White Rabbit.

Avitas Pax Era Vape Pen

Without a doubt, the Avitas Pax Era vape pen delivers the best user experience I have ever enjoyed in a vape pen. I had the great fortune of trying the Avitas Pax Era with an Ace of Spades strain cartridge. The indica dominant strain according to Leafly is a crossbreed of Black Cherry Soda and Jack the Ripper, with “an earthy berry and citrus smell”. Avitas as usual delivers the goods. Their subcritically extracted C02 oil typically expresses an amazing range of terps, so flavor sits front and center.

Ace of Spades Cartridge

With the Avitas Pax Era system though, you literally get to control the taste. The battery has a USB connection for charging, but goes one step further. While connected to a computer to charge, the user can access a range of helpful functions. Most importantly, temperature control permits absolute control of the experience down to the degree. Want a hit with more flavor or want a huge cloud lung buster that looks like a fog machine upon exhale? Hold on, it gets better.

The taste that keeps on keeping on

Ever notice when too many hits over heat the coil, then the cannabis extraction starts tasting like someone lit your sister’s cat’s butt on fire? The temp control as well as a wick-less heating coil help avoid the problem really well. As sick as it sounds, I tried to get it to taste bad, but could not do it. Every hit delivered a smooth and flavorful terpene rich experience. I kept saying “did that really just taste that good?” Obviously, I stand on the flavor side of the enjoyment scale, but putting the temp up for a big cloud proved equally enjoyable.

More than a vape pen

The Avitas Pax Era offers the perfect way to enjoy their finely crafted solvent free cannabis extractions. The system even offers a few games that can be played when the effects set in. Then, the battery also tracks usage. That’s right. Want to know how long or how many hits? You can see a usage report. That feature seems especially useful because the amount of hit relative to the temperature provides definitive insight into how long the cartridge will last.

Knowing when to stock up on another flavorful cartridge for the Avitas Pax Era… Now that’s helpful!

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