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Tiger’s Blood | Crystal Clear Distillate | Review

Tiger’s Blood is a flavored cartridge of cannabis distillate from Crystal Clear. Crystal Clear is a brand under the Northwest Cannabis Solutions label, well known for many great edibles, flower, and more.

What is Tiger’s Blood strain?

A rare and powerful indica, Tiger’s Blood remains a mystery genetically. Regardless, is is definitely all indica. However, that being said, I am not entirely positive that is the strain, or just a name. Because, the ingredients list a few terpenes, like pinene, caryophyllene, and myrcene, […]

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Green Wednesday and Black Friday Specials

Green Wednesday is the recreational cannabis answer to the phenomenon referred to as “Black Friday”. In this case, Green Wednesday means sales prior to Thanksgiving. Which is a great twist, because we all know how good cannabis goes with big holiday meals…

Even better, although we are closed for Thanksgiving Day, we continue the sale on BLACK FRIDAY TOO!

The Deals for Green Wednesday and Black Friday

Even with the challenges of the pandemic, and limits on social gatherings, we wish everyone the best. Of course, we […]

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Hazy Daze Dabs | Review

Hazy Daze dabs just keep me coming back, again and again. Definitely high on the list for delicious and worthy.

Some thoughts on Hazy Daze dabs

Oh boy, I’ve tried every one of Haze Daze dabs. I had to after getting the Sex Panther in my sample bag. Started out with every intention of saving some for my hubs to try.
Really I did.
But then it was gone and the only way I could console myself was to buy a full gram for the house. And […]
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