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Lumpy Space Princess Review | Western Cultured

Lumpy Space Princess from Western Cultured falls under the “sour” label of their flower offerings. So, expect strong sativa flavors coming through. It is a hybrid, but certainly leaning more sativa. Like, if you didn’t have a bit of indica holding on by a few sticky hairs, then it would be flying off sativa mountain.

What strain is Lumpy Space Princess?

As a hybrid it  leans heavily that way, about 80/20%. Pink Lemonade and Black Banana strains cross to find their bliss in this hybrid. It […]

Sub Ohm | Review

Sub Ohm concentrates rank as one of the hidden gems at White Rabbit. This product derives from an Alcohol extracted Distillate. The flavored syringes contain  hybrids and the rest fill with strain specific oils. All created using natural terpenes derived from cannabis.

Alcohol Extracted Sub Ohm Concentrates

Conveniently, Sub Ohm concentrates oil comes fully activated, so it works for vaping, edibles or dabbing. This oil is not just all THC-centric. Also nice, the other measurable cannabinoids found in this product include […]

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Blackberry Kush | Spady Bud

Blackberry kush from Spady Bud delivers a bounty of summer fruit and keeps us buzzing like bees. Spring was in the air. Then Summer came, bringing with it those beautiful summertime fruits. Like blackberries. As in blackberry kush from Spady Bud, delivering once again on making a legendary strain live up to its reputation.

The joy of blackberry kush

Spady Bud has a knack for doing buds that are well known and have been around a while. More importantly, they do a great job at […]

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Interra Keif | Kali Mist

Kief, sometimes spelled “keef”, refers to the resinous trichomes, those resinous globules sparkling on cannabis. You accumulate  kief in your typical containers or use sifters with a mesh screen to sieve it and collect it. Some vendors also collect it during production and offer it as a concentrate product.

If you are a hashish fan, then you will like keif. Think of it as the un-compacted version of hashish.

Interra Kief

The great specialists of concentrates at Interra also offer Interra keif. Enjoy their kief by strain, […]
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