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White Rabbit's own hookah smoking caterpillar is a connoisseur of cannabis. In his blog "Smoking with the Caterpillar" he takes you on a tour of some of his favorite noteworthy strains. He is also exactly three inches tall.

Tangerine Dream by CannaOrganix

Tangerine Dream
by CannaOrganix

The words “Tangerine Dream” swam through my psyche like an aromatic spell, as the notes of tropical, citrus, and a hint of skunk, soared through my nostrils. “This is gonna be fire”, I thought to myself, while enjoying the terpenes that rocketed out of the freshly opened bag.

While gazing at the gram, a bright tint of orange and granulated brown sugar appeared to glisten like Mother Nature’s diamonds. I marveled at the power of cannabis and modern science. This is the future […]

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Candylandy by Sweetwater Farms


by Sweetwater Farms

Royal courts wear purple and jewels. “This strain is fit for a King”. That’s what I told myself as I peered through the jar at the purple coated buds covered in shiny crystals.

What an amazing sight.

Bud that looks this good, only intensified my anticipation of what the smell and taste of this amazing strain was gonna be like. As I twisted open the lid, I could tell these amazing terpenes couldn’t wait to come out into the world.  A sweet, funky air seemed to […]

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