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Aloha Botanics Vendor Day 4 to 7pm

Aloha Botanics brings aloha spirit to their line of cannabis products.

Aloha Botanics

4 to 7 pm today come visit White Rabbit and meet the great folks from Aloha.

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About Aloha Botanics

From the Aloha Botanics website:

“The spirit of ALOHA was like a cultural guidance system for ancient Hawaiians who taught their children “The Ways of Aloha”.  Our day-to-day Staff here at Aloha are all locals that have either grown up their entire life here in Okanogan or have lived here most of their lives.  We owe it to them and our community to provide a great path forward for many years to come so they can grow and develop as some of the State’s most thoughtful and professional cultivators in the state.”

The care and love they put in their products, using environmentally sound and sustainable practices, makes a huge difference. So, you literally taste and feel the “aloha spirit” in the product.

Florida Lemons


Strain of the week

The last days of Florida Lemons on special – come get some super lemony sativa that will brighten your day during these cold winter months.


Aloha Botanics & More deals this week…

Friday Jan. 11 – Aloha Vendor Day, 4 to 7pm 

Saturday Jan. 12 – Mt Baker Gardens Featured Farm 15% off

Sunday Jan 13 – Dose Extracts 15% off

Monday Jan 14 – stoneware and ceramic paraphernalia will be 15% off

Tuesday Jan 15 – Ray’s Lemonade 15% off

Wednesday Jan 16 – Verdelux on sale 15% off

Thursday Jan 17  – Nerdie Burdie pre-rolls on sale in an assortment of strains

Also… check out the freshly stocked Bargain Bin!

Sub Ohm tanks 20% Off in Jan

Save big on sub ohm tanks this month. Learn more about vaping sub ohm here.

AM Relief

Another great product from Fairwinds. According to Fairwinds, “designed to provide the comforting benefits of cannabis with minimal psychoactive effect. Try AM Relief to support your body during daytime activities.  Keep yourself comfortable and moving, and without the stoned feeling of typical cannabis capsules. ”

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