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Agrijuana Topicals

Agrijuana topicals are on special today for 15% off. The folks at Agrijuana have always done a great job with flower, so it should come as no surprise. They know how to rock the topicals as well! I doubted the benefits of topicals until only recently, but now I get it.

If you have doubts about their effectiveness, then time to give it a try. A nice discount always helps with a bit of savings incentive, right?

Try Agrijuana Topicals, On Sale May 15th

Flex-All Lavender is a popular one from Agrijuana. Cannabis and lavender sounds like a match made in relaxation heaven…

Be sure to use online ordering so you don’t have to wait in a lines at White Rabbit¬†and can keep social distancing.

flex all 420 agrijuana

Food Drive

Save 5% on your entire order when you donate to the food drive. While this cannot be combined with other discounts, make sure to use it for stuff that isn’t on sale. Do some good. Get some love in return!

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