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Agrijuana | Fairwinds | Dynamic Harvest | New Arrivals

Agrijuana is one of the original producers carried by White Rabbit. A real customer favorite.


Agrijuana, Fairwinds, more

Coming in this week

Lot’s of great new products coming in this week. We have prerolls from Blue Bastard, great flower from Agrijuana, those amazing tinctures from Fairwinds and more, so take a look.

Agrijuana Is A Customer Favorite

As always, if you know of any particular vendor or strain or any type of product you would like us to carry, then feel free to share. We love hearing feedback on all our selections. Our first priority, serving you the best cannabis in Washington!

Check Our Site For Agrijuana And More

Here is what we have coming in. Availability depends on when we can make room on the shelves so please feel free to call ahead or check out our online shop to see if it is ready for purchase. Check our store site for info.

Agrijuana And More

  • Blue Bastard

    • The wonderful Holy Smokes Cookies N Cream is back
    • Try the Holy Smokes Girl Scout Cookies
    • New strain Holy Smokes Goji come in
    • Fan favorite Blue Bastard Regular Infused Sativa
    • Also popular Blue Bastard Regular Infused Hybrid
    • Get them while they last Blue Bastard Regular Infused Indica
    • Bigger and better than ever Blue Bastard Sativa Blunt
    • Blue Bastard Hybrid Blunt
    • Blue Bastard Indica Blunt


    • Companion Tincture
    • Deep Sleep Tincture
    • Ratio 5:1 Vape
    • Ratio 1:1 Vape
    • Digestify Tincture
    • Ratio 10:1 Tincture
    • Flow Cream Trial Size
    • Ratio 20:1 Capsules
    • Ratio 10:1 Capsules
    • Ratio 5:1 Capsules
    • Ratio 1:1 Capsules


    • Alien Rock Candy: 2pk .5g preroll, 7g, and 14g
    • Blue Cheese 7g
    • Chernobyl: 1g, 3.5g, and 7g
    • Dutch Hawaiian: 1g, 3.5g, 7g, and 14g
    • Dutchberry: 7g and 14g
    • Green Crack 2pk .5g preroll
    • Jack Skellington: 1g, 3.5g, 7g, 14g, and 28g
    • G-13 .5g Cartridge
    • Lemon OG .5g Cartridge
    • Strawberry Cough .5g Cartridge
    • Mixed Sativa 1g Cartridge
    • Mixed Indica 1g Cartridge


    • Granddaddy Purple Vape Cart D8:D9 1:1 1g
    • Headband Vape Cart D8:D9 1:1 1g
    • Tangie Vape Cart D8:D9 1:1 1g
    • Zkittles Vape Cart Delta 9 1g
    • CBD Girl Scout Cookies .5g preroll
    • Fruit Punch .5g preroll and 7pk .5g preroll
    • Key Lime Pie .5g preroll
    • Remedy .5g preroll
    • Afghani Kush 7pk .5g preroll
    • White Fire OG 7pk .5g preroll
    • Banana Kush Vape Cartridge Delta 9 1g

    Mt Baker Gardens

    • Baked Cookies 1g Preroll
    • Cornbread 1g preroll
    • Fifth Element 1g and 3.5g
    • Hawaiian Dutch Treat 1g preroll
    • Louis XIII OG 1g preroll, 1g, and 3.5g
    • Original Glue #4 1g and 3.5g


    • Super Joint Amped Up Apple
    • Super Joint Blueberry Bomb
    • Super Joint High Voltage Watermelon
    • Super Joint Manic Mango
    • Super Joint Turbo Tangerine

    Western Cultured

    • Dutch Treat 3.5g
    • Puget Sound Lo-Pez 3.5g
    • Seatown Lemon Haze: 2pk .5g preroll, 3.5g, and 7g
    • Purple Urkle 2pk .5g preroll


    • Narnia Soulshine: 2pk .5g preroll, 1g, and 3.5g
    • Lodi Dodi: 2pk .5g preroll, 1g, 3.5g, and 28g
    • Klingon: 2pk .5g preroll,  1g and 3.5g
    • Mandarin Cookies 2pk .5g preroll
    • Mango Kush 2pk .5g preroll
    • Romulan 2pk .5g preroll

    Nasty Jack

    • Nasty Jack’s Malt Balls

    Rogue Raven

    • Lambsbread: 1.3g, 4g, and 1g preroll
    • Dutch Hawaiian: 1.3g and 4g
    • Permafrost: 1.3g and 4g
    • Fucking Incredible 1g preroll
    • Super Lemon Kush 1g preroll
    • Strawberry Distillate 1g cartridge
    • White Pineapple Distillate 1g cartridge
    • Sofa King Kush 1g cartridge

    Dynamic Harvest

    • Durban Poison: 1g and 3.5g
    • Fruity Pebbles 1g and 3.5g
    • Headcheese 1g and 3.5g
    • Ghost Train from Bud Miser 3.5g and 7g
    • Bruce Banner from Bud Miser 3.5g and 7g


    • Caramel Sativa 10pk
    • Caramel Indica 10pk
    • Chocolate Chip Cookies 10pk
    • Snickerdoodle 10pk
    • Marmas CBD:THC Sour Watermelon 10pk and Singles
    • Marmas CBD Blue Raspberry Single
    • Marmas Sour Apple 10pk
    • Marmas Sour Pineapple 10pk
    • Marmas Sour Watermelon single
    • Marmas Sweet & Sour Cherry Single and 10pk
    • Pink Cookies .5g Vape Cart

More deals this week…

Monday March 18 – Metal paraphernalia will be 15% off

Tuesday March 19 – High Drate beverages 15% off

Wednesday March 20– CannaBurst on sale 15% off

Thursday  March 21 – Blue Bastard pre-rolls on sale in an assortment of strains

Friday March 22 – Heritage large quanities 15% off

Pura Vida Vendor Day, 4 to 7pm 

Saturday March 23 – Featured farm is Greenbluff Greenhouse and discounted 15% off

Sunday March 24 – Autrees Nursery Dabs and concentrates marked down 15%

Also… check out the freshly stocked Bargain Bin! Every Saturday we restock the bargain bin. Be prepared to find some incredible deals. Keep in mind, some products just get overlooked because they are new producers that don’t enjoy the familiarity others do. That makes them prime candidates for discovery! When they go in the bargain bin you can find insane deals. So keep an eye out for those diamonds in the rough.

Featured Farm Green Rush

Green Rush flower is on sale this week for 15% off all week while supplies last.

Green Rush offers amazing organic cannabis and they do a fine job on the trim and the cure. So check out their strains Big City Lights, Biker Glue, Epoxy, Oregon Diesel.

Blue Bastard Prerolls

Thursday come by to grab some Blue Bastard prerolls and get set for the weekend. Indeed, their awesome infused prerolls deliver the extra bang for the buck but the 15% discount doubles up on that too!

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