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Agent Orange Strain Review | Mr. Greenthumb

Agent Orange, the name alone conjures up visions of 70’s chemical warfare, or potentially an actual Orange with a badge in a suit. I assure you, Agent Orange by Mr. Greenthumb is neither. However, I suppose you could say it does declare a war of sorts. A war against a sour mood, perhaps, or even a lack of motivation. OK, so it is fair to say this agent can potentially bring a smile to your face and that extra gumption to get things done.

Agent Orange Bag Front

Mr. Greenthumb Farewell Profile

As mentioned in my prior review of Professor Chaos by the same producer, Mr. Greenthumb is shuttering their doors. I am feeling a small bit of nostalgia and sadness at this fact, as Mr. Greenthumb was the first grower I tried when I first started working in the dispensary. I instantly fell in love with their Ice Cream Cake, and have never been disappointed by any strain they have put on the shelves. So, if you will, a moment of silence for the buds that will never be from this fantastic grower… OK, enough of that. Let’s celebrate what we do have right now, and today, my friends, that strain is Agent Orange.

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Agent Orange Bud Profile

Flavor: Orange Rind, Sour Citrus
Aroma: Orange, Citrus, Cheese

The orange/citrus aroma and flavors are quite prominent, with an almost sour, cheese-like undertone. It leaves a citrus bite in the back of the throat that is quite delightful as well. Hints of woodiness and pine hide within the citrus overtones, adding just enough complexity to the flavor. Limonene is at a minimum in this strain, which is surprising given how prominent the citrus is. The terpene profile gives just the right mix to provide the aroma, flavor, and effects of this beauty.

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Prominent Terpenes and Potential Effects

User experiences may vary. These are not medical claims, but rather reported experiences from other users and an explanation of terpenes and their alleged effects from scientific studies.

Terpene profile: Potential Effects | Aroma/Flavors | Present In | Other Cultivars

Myrcene: Anti-Anxiety, Anti-Oxidant, Anti-Inflammatory, Pain Reliever, Sedative, Muscle Relaxant, Sleep Aid | Pepper, Spice, Balsam | Thyme, Mango, Lemongrass | Granddaddy Purple, OG Kush, Cherry Pie

Fresh Bundle of Thyme Lemon Grass in Ground

Terpinolene: Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal, Anti-Tumor, Anti-Oxidant, Pain Desensitizer, Anti-Inflammatory | Floral, Citrus, Pine | Lilacs, Nutmeg, Cumin | Ghost Train Haze, Chernobyl, Jack Herer

Lilac Bush Nutmeg Ground and Whole Fresh Toasted Cumin

alpha-Pinene: Energizing, Bronchodilator, Anti-Biotic, Anti-Inflamatory, Anti-Anxiety, Pain Desensitizer | Pine, Forest | Conifers, Sage, Parsley | God’s Gift, Snoop’s Dream, Critical Mass

Conifer Sage Plant Parsley Bushel

Personal Experience

Agent Orange produced a motivating, energized, focused high, with a slight release of tension in the neck and shoulders. Nothing too heavy from this strain, as it creates more of a desire for activity. This is a great strain for outdoor adventures such as hiking, camping, biking, pretty much anything that has you moving and engaged. Most of the “euphoria” wears off in about an hour, but the content, engaging, happiness with your surroundings sticks around. While this is not a killer of pain per se, it definitely provides some relief. This would likely be best for minor aches and pains like a headache.

Agent Orange Buds Shot 5

The Final Puff of Mr. Greenthumb’s Agent Orange Strain

What is on the shelves is the final puff for Mr. Greenthumb, and it really is a shame. Agent Orange is one of those cultivars you do not see a whole lot of around, so it is good to see some producers still value this strain and what it can provide for their consumers. I highly suggest coming to White Rabbit Cannabis as soon as possible and picking up some Greenthumb before it’s gone for good. Might I suggest Agent Orange, as reviewed here, or Professor Chaos as my first part of the farewell to Mr. Greenthumb series? Fortunately, there are a large number of great growers here in Washington State, and I will do my best to review them all for you!

The Final Puff

Until next time, stay healthy and always take the “high” ground! ~ TerpzChaser

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