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Acapulco Gold | Green Bluff Greenhouse | Review

Acapulco Gold is a classic Mexican landrace sativa. A truly legendary strain.

green bluff greenhouse acapulco gold

Acapulco Gold

Green Bluff Greenhouse

Product Review

The first time I tried Acapulco Gold it literally changed my entire perspective. Up until then, I thought marijuana was all brown, smelled like dirt, and was actually more seeds and stems than smoke. Spending half an hour to prepare it for smoking was part of the social fabric. Double albums like the Grateful Dead’s  “Live Dead”  transformed into marijuana cleaning production systems.

However, that Acapulco Gold blew me away. It resembled a jewel. It sparkled. Light danced across it. Instead of brown, the color was gold, with purple, and a green that looked electrified. Seeds were rare. If you found one, then you wanted to find a way to grow it.

I have raved about Green Bluff Greenhouse previously. Indeed, their mission to restore those classic landrace strain genetics sets them apart. I have raved about that first specialty bud for years. So, the chance to actually share what makes it special presents a remarkable opportunity.

Golden Chance

Trying Green Bluff Greenhouse Acapulco Gold presents a golden chance to not only relive the past but also fly into the future of cannabis. Notably, bringing back landrace strains preserves the genetics of yesteryear’s classic strains. However, 21st century growing and curing improvements also raise the bar.

Instead of being an illegal product grown in jungle with uncontrollable conditions, legal production allows consistency and optimization.

Getting Acapulco Gold Right

Green Bluff Greenhouse deserves a bow. The colors I remember from classic Acapulco Gold are there. Golden, purple, crimson, green. It smells pungent and spicy. Earthy and full of pine with hints of rose. It smells like the savory side of heaven. The first taste brings it home. This is great cannabis.

The feeling rises to the occasion. This bud delivers like a flight to a vacation destination. Stress floats off before hitting the tarmac. Replaced with a great vibe. It brings a smile like a margarita that lands on the table while you are watching waves splash on the beach.

I can’t wait to try the Panama Red and Colombian Gold. Amazing. Then off to try the African strains… Green Bluff Greenhouse, a trip worth taking!


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