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9lb Hammer Ultra Refined | Leafwerx | Review

9lb Hammer Ultra Refined is the premium hash oil concentrate cartridge from LeafWerx.

9lb Hammer Ultra Refined


Product Review

Trying the 9lb Hammer Ultra Refined indica cartridge from Leafwerx is a treat, but I don’t know what to expect. I am a fan of the regular Leafwerx cartridges because they don’t taste overly refined. From my background in processing extractions, typically the more the oil is refined the higher the potency but the lower the flavor. Terps that have been blasted with high or low temperatures, run through whatever type of solvents, typically lose their magic.

I compare the effect to a “Naturally Flavored” strawberry candy. Sure, the candy may have the terpenes extracted from strawberries to create the sense of what a strawberry tastes like; however, no one actually says “that tastes just like a strawberry”.

So, while I look and see a very impressive 90% total cannabinoids, I am pretty much expecting it to taste like crap. This is certainly the case in many other high THC very processed carts I have tried. Not to mention, that harsh throat bite that comes with even just a few parts per million of solvent that hasn’t been purged. For example, if you have ever tried just plain co2 extracted oil without any further winterization, then you know it has zero bit. It is perfectly smooth and full of terps. It tastes like the flower smells. (Winterization is the process of using typically ethanol to further refine the oil).

Suprisingly Good 9lb Hammer Ultra Refined

The 9lb Hammer ultra refined by Leafwerx definitely surprises me. The flavor commands the same respect as their regular carts. There is just a hint of throat bite which is how I describe that hot burning sensation at the back of the throat. Still, the great flavor of the strain comes through. This surprises me for sure. Getting the flavor back in and having it actually still taste like flower is really impressive. My respect to the mad chemist that concocted this recipe for success!

So, happy to report Leafwerx developed another winner.

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