710 Concentrates Day Sale

710 concentrates day. get it?

710 Concentrates Day Sale Going off!

This celebration, 710 Concentrates Day, takes a close second place to 4/20 as a celebration in cannabis culture.

For 710 concentrates day 10% OFF

July 10

710 Concentrates day comes from “7/10” being the day cannabis culture celebrates extractions of cannabis in their myriad from. “710” spells “OIL” upside down and backwards if you didn’t already know.  cFor this 710 Concentrates Day, White Rabbit drops prices on all concentrates in the shop 10%! That means everything from hash to rosin, from wax to shatter, from concentrates to syringes goes on sale!

The discounts on the items cannot be doubled up with existing promotions, but there is a huge selection and everything available get discounted while supplies last.

We have great hash from Sitka, Rogue Raven’s award winning concentrates, Soulshine concentrates, the Hash Guy, Leafwerx, and more.

leafWerx Brights
LeafWerx Brights gets solventless right


Doc Croc Concentrates

Doc Croc makes some fine BHO shatter extracts. Usually, they test usually about 75% or higher THC, taste full of terps, not that chemical diesel taste.

710 concentrates day mini guide

Know your cannabis concentrates

  • Hashish – resinous kief gets processed and pressed into cakes of hashish. Indeed, hashish has a long exotic history; Hashish has been around for thousands of years
  • KiefKief comes from the resinous globule at the end of the trichrome covered pistil. Typically, the resinous pistil gets referred to as the “red hairs” interwoven into a bud of cannabis
  • Wax – Wax can be created from a variety of extraction techniques involving an array of solvents. Most popularly, wax gets made from Butane extractions, but entane, pentane, ethanol, Co2 and other solvents can make wax as well
  • Shatter – Also called “shadder”, it is similar to wax but has a more translucent quality. Whereas, instead of being “waxy” in texture it has a harder quality, almost like a thin piece of stained glass or sometimes softer and slightly leathery in texture.
  • Hash oil – Hash oil is a concentrate that separates the waxy substances called lipids from the extraction to create an oily liquid. Hash oil gets used for vape cartridges but can also be used to drop and smear on flower to add extra potency.
  • Rosin – Rosin derives from a method of heat extraction that utilizes pressure and high heat to separate the resins from the cellulose of the cannabis plant. This type of extraction is also referred to as “solvent free”.
  • Solvent Free – Although many extractions claim to be “solvent free”, any type of concentrate that uses anything from Co2 to any type of alcohol or hydrocarbon based solvent is not really solvent free.  Real solvent free concentrates include hashish, rosin, bubble hash. and kief.

More 710 Concentrate Day Deals

Save on all our concentrates!

We carry some of the finest cannabis concentrates in the state of Washington. Save 10% on 7/10 on all of these and more:

  • Agrijuana wax
  • Leafwerx cartridges
  • Aloha dabs
  • Capital Green
  • Bad Rabbit
  • Doc Croc
  • Dose
  • Fainting Goat
  • Fairwinds
  • From the Soil
  • Fruit of the Root
  • Magic Time Farms
  • Green Force Pharms
  • Kibble Junction
  • LoudAF
  • Okanogan
  • Orgrow
  • Pinnacle
  • Rogue Raven
  • Silica
  • Sitka
  • St Helens
  • Sub Ohm
  • THC Express

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